Luxury Accommodation and Estates Services

Our Luxury Accommodations & Estate Services provide access to exclusive luxury 5-star holiday homes for discriminating travelers. Enjoy stunning locales, magnificent properties, and exceptional service.

A New Definition of Luxury Accommodation and Estates

Luxe Travel Concierge is the premier luxury accommodation and estates chartering company with access to tens of thousands of luxury vacation homes in hundreds of international locations.

Escape to Exquisite Estates Around the World

Discover a remarkable range of unique accommodations, from cozy mountain chalets to enchanting Irish castles, where enchantment awaits you around every corner.

Thoughtfully Curated, Luxury Re-defined

Explore membership for Luxe Travel Concierge and change the way you vacation forever.

Explore Our Exclusive Accommodations

Explore a diverse selection of luxurious holiday accommodations located in a range of destinations, such as towns and cities, coastlines, mountains, and more.

Oceanfront Getaway

Oceanfront Getaway

Visit one of our magnificent oceanfront luxury homes to get away from the city. Enjoy amenities like rooftop sundecks, a private beach with gated entry, and an infinity pool!

Majestic Castles

Majestic Castles

Our exquisitely selected vacation rentals include some of the most magnificent castles you will ever see. Castles are perfect for weddings, family vacations, and other special occasions. A never-ending number of opportunities.

Exclusive Mountain Retreats

Exclusive Mountain Retreats

When it comes to high-end ski trips and summer mountain retreats, our selection of chalets, cabins, and lodges is second to none. Indulge in breathtaking lodgings with breathtaking views, fresh air, and easy access to the slopes and hiking paths.

Private Island Escapes

Private Island Escapes

Getting away to a private island is the perfect way to unwind. Indulge in private island getaways where you can breathe easy, take in breathtaking scenery, and live it up in style. Escape reality into sheer bliss.

Boutique Luxury Accommodation

Boutique Luxury Accommodation

Discover a wide selection of accommodation options, including historic estates, vineyard villas, and boutique vacation rentals. Enjoy a delightful freshwater lake or breathtaking alpine landscape as you wake up - boutique accommodations can be an absolute treat for the night or your whole vacation.

Exclusive Estate Management

As soon as you contact us, we’ll do everything possible to make your holiday simple, stress-free, and unforgettable. Let us help you find the perfect luxury vacation rental. We will help you find the perfect rental home and set it up for your arrival, including any pre-arrival concierge needs.

Event Management

Personalized Concierge Services

We offer professional concierge services in every destination to guarantee that the service given to your luxurious vacation home is on par with that of upscale hotels.

Before and during your visit, we offer concierge services such as:

Personal Chef

Private Chef

A local chef can prepare gourmet daily or one-time meals. Our concierge team knows the local dining scene and will connect you with a chef who cooks fantastic international or local food. Inform us of your diet-specific dining needs, and our chefs will prepare dishes!


Pre-stocking and Grocery Service

Our concierge team will equip your vacation rental kitchen with your favorite meals, snacks, and drinks. We can also ensure you have groceries during your whole stay so you can have a truly luxurious holiday.

Experience Luxury Travel

Tours & Excursions

Bring the local experience to your visit with our recommended tours, activities, and excursions. With extensive local expertise, our professional concierges can show you the best of every location.

Luxe Travel Concierge Company

Transportation Arrangements

Regardless of the mode of transportation you require, we can arrange it. Our team of professionals can handle all the arrangements for your rental car, van, or limousine needs.

Experience Luxury in the Skies

Special Requests Handling

We design and implement customized services to satisfy your every whim. With our exclusive concierge service, you won’t have to worry about your trip details.

Live Like Royalty in Our Lavish Estates – Reserve Your Private Retreat Now!

VIP Access

Experience the Pinnacle of Luxury Accommodations and Estates

We have an exclusive selection of luxurious holiday homes available for rent all over the globe. Premium properties offer the best location, décor, and amenities combined with five-star service.

Escape to Somewhere Magical and Extraordinary

To surpass our members’ expectations, each luxury accommodation and estate is meticulously chosen to provide unparalleled service and unequaled amenities. Indulge in the breathtaking surroundings and experience the epitome of a luxurious holiday retreat.

Why Choose Luxe Travel Concierge’s Luxury Accommodation and Estates Services?

We specialize in offering personalized service and the finest luxury holiday rental experience.

Unrivaled Exclusivity and Uniqueness

Careful selection of each vacation home ensures a private and memorable stay, providing a one-of-a-kind holiday experience.

Personalized Service and Attention to Detail

We are capable of planning the most personalized vacation for you, from the location you select to the five-star services you choose to enjoy and from a wide selection of incredible luxury vacation home rentals.

Global Network

Featuring the most exceptional estates and accommodations in the world’s most prestigious destinations, our curated portfolio defines the gold standard for luxury and comfort.