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Membership is limited, to ensure we can attend to all Members in a dedicated fashion. Our monthly meetings assess applicants and Members may be hand-selected to become a part of the Luxe Travel Concierge family. Our exclusive clientele consists of those seeking the finest things in life. Members are invited via application, and can anticipate superb benefits including unmatched connections ensuring your life remains in a state of uplifted relaxation. Apply for Membership here.


Luxury Lifestyle Specialists

Luxe Travel Concierge is a highly personalised, invitation-only membership club. Catering for selected discerning, successful individuals seeking a total luxury experience, discretion and efficiency, our team are connoisseurs of luxury. We’re accustomed to catering for the exacting demands of the VIP, Luxe Travel Concierge specializes in custom itineraries and tailor made plans. You’re in good hands.

Our positive energy and personal high standards make dealing with us a pleasure. You can find more detailed information on the services we provide here. Obviously while seamless luxury travel plans are our specialty, we are also adept at arranging casual plans, non-travel related concierge services, or anything required. Once-in-a-life-time experiences are something we love to be a part of.

From a background of luxury travel, prestige real estate and premium butler services, the owners of Luxe Travel Concierge and their team are experienced in providing high end itineraries and travel solutions for the successful individual and their families. Anticipate imaginative and memorable journeys. You can find out more about the company here.

Discretion is the biggest concern for most of our contemporary adventurers, business travelers visitors – especially when family is accompanying one on a trip. At Luxe Travel Concierge, confidentiality is as important as security, and a number one priority. Taking care of all aspects of private travel, your every need will be catered for before, during and after your journey, often without asking. We’re aware of the special needs of VIPs for privacy and security, and ensure the plans involve as smooth an experience as possible.

You can request almost anything, and we will do our utmost human best to ensure everything is to your exact liking, down to the smallest detail. When you travel, you need to know details are taken care of, and have someone at your beck and call to handle all the little details you don’t want to have to deal with. Sometimes things come up, and you need someone to lean on, your own personal Moneypenny, to attend to things and make life easier. Why try to handle everything yourself when someone else can do it faster, and more privately?




Our team meets every month to review new membership applications. If you are interested in being considered, please contact us to receive an application form. Please fill and return the form to: [email protected] Alternatively, you may return your application to our main headquarters by post: Luxe Travel Concierge…

VIP Travel Concierge Service

Membership — Our team meets every month to review new membership applications. If you are interested in being considered, please contact us to receive an application form. Please fill and return…
Contact — Unlock exclusive access to custom-made travel itineraries and unforgettable experiences. Submit your details and one of our elite concierges will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your…
About Us — Connoisseurs of luxury, Luxe Travel Concierge is an exclusive travel and lifestyle service. Providing exceptional personalised service of the highest level, our selected amount of Memberships allows unsurpassed…