Super Yacht Charter

Travelling in ultimate luxury and freedom is possible with a superyacht yacht charter. Superyachts are the epitome of opulence, status, and unrivalled luxury.

Experience Luxury with Our Super Yacht Charter Services

Whatever your mood—relaxation, entertaining, or celebrating a special occasion—we can make it happen. Experience unique destinations paired with top-notch service, privacy, exemplary cuisine, and unmatched luxury amenities. Embark on an authentic experience of luxury.

Super Yacht
Super Yacht Charter

World's Finest Exclusive Yacht Charter Collection

Our team of seasoned curators will meticulously search the world for the most exquisite vessels and destinations, hand-selecting them for your charter needs—whether it be a crewed superyacht, classic or racing sailing yacht, or a mega yacht—to guarantee a memorable sailing vacation.

Let Our Super Yacht Charters Take You on a Journey of Luxury and Adventure – Secure Your Yacht Charter Now!

Our Customized Yacht Charter Packages

Check out our yacht charter packages or customize your superyacht charter experience!

Dinner Cruises

Dinner Cruises

Sail alongside the dolphins during the sunset or embark on a romantic dinner cruise for two. In the evening, continue the celebration with a sunset cocktail cruise.

Brunch & Breakfast Cruises

Brunch & Breakfast Cruises

Sunday brunch cruises, Mother’s Day brunch cruises, Father’s Day brunch cruises, and any other type of breakfast cruise are our forte!

Snorkeling Tours

Snorkeling Tours

Experience the wonders of the underwater world on an eco-adventure that will transport you on an unforgettable snorkeling journey.

Yacht Weddings & Ceremonies

Weddings & Ceremonies

Get all-inclusive wedding packages that include everything from the ceremony to the honeymoon. Oh, the possibilities!

Yacht creative venues

Corporate & Professional Functions

Instead of boardrooms, corporate events, and team building are moving to more creative venues. Yacht excursions offer a degree of exclusivity and privacy that is often difficult to attain at conventional venues.

Yacht Entertainment & Parties

Entertainment & Parties

Embark on an opulent private yacht party cruise. The perfect venue for bachelorette parties, birthdays, or any other special occasion.

Customize Your Charter Yacht

Customize Your Charter

Luxe Travel Concierge handles custom superyacht charters, ensuring a fantastic getaway with personalized itineraries and services!

Luxury Yacht Charter to Exceptional Destinations

Our meticulously selected destinations comprise some of the world’s finest tropical locales. We choose each location based on its lovely weather, service availability, and other elements as well. Which one will you pick?

The Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands

The captivating and multifarious Caribbean entices tourists to return year after year. Its tropical islands, coral reefs, palm trees, and wonderful climate make it a perfect sailing destination.

The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea

Set sail on a magical adventure in the mesmerizing Mediterranean on board one of our luxurious yachts. With a blend of luxury, excitement, and unmatched hospitality, our Mediterranean charters provide an unmatched experience.



Among the most popular locations for chartering luxury yachts is Greece. Its affluence of history and culture, coupled with its breathtaking coastlines and islands, makes it an international yachting hotspot.

Florida Venice of America

Florida & the Keys

Shop and relax in Fort Lauderdale, the “Venice of America”, with its inland waterways and Atlantic Ocean views. Journey through the Keys, a chain of islands between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico off southern Florida. Visit Miami's beaches and nightlife for fun. Never dull in Florida!

Unlock Your Inner Sea Explorer

Charter a superyacht with Luxe Travel Concierge and experience the limitless ocean as your playground while you escape to the world’s most exclusive destinations.

Yacht - Unlock Your Inner Sea Explorer

Plan Your Next Yachting Adventure With Us! Discover Luxury on the High Seas: Start Your Yacht Charter Adventure With Us!

Money Cost

Our Private Luxury Yacht Charter Cost

Easy answer: depends. It depends on how many cabins you need for the number of people traveling, how many nights you want to be away, the time of year, the area, and the boat type. The peak season (July, August, Christmas, and New Year) rates are higher for most yachts than off-season. Contact us to explore which option is best for you.

Create Lasting Memories Unlike Any Other

Get your heart set on the sailing vacation of a lifetime. We will take care of every little thing so that every moment is just as you imagined.

Why Choose Luxe Travel Concierge’s Super Yacht Charter Services?

Start your once-in-a-lifetime trip here with the team you can trust for the best in chartered yacht vacations.

Charter Planning

With years of expertise under our belts, we know what it takes to plan the perfect sailing vacation and can help you realize your dreams. We personalize every element to your tastes by asking the proper questions to find out your preferences and needs.

Exceptional Service

A team of yacht charter specialists will take care of your every need when you book your sailing holiday with Luxe Travel Concierge.

Ashore Arrangements

Luxury yacht vacations should be unforgettable. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure you and your companions have a fantastic time. We handle everything, from making reservations at elite restaurants to meeting all of your particular requests so you can relax and enjoy your time on board.