5 Luxurious Restaurants in Zurich

Zurich restarantsZurich, the biggest city in Switzerland, does not fall behind when it comes to cuisine. The gastronomic experience is unquestionably top-notch. Gourmands will discover several prize-winning restaurants abound.

The delicacies that these chefs serve to the guests in the city’s award-winning fine dining restaurants please the eye and the palate.

These five restaurants are some of the chicest, most acclaimed, and most interesting ones you will discover in the city, serving a variety of gourmet food.


1. The Dolder Grand Hotel

A broad variety of gourmet meals are available at the chic Dolder Grand restaurant. With two Michelin stars, the hilltop restaurant offers stunning views of the city, Lake Zurich, and the Alps. 

If at all possible, reserve a table by the window so that you can take a look at the sweeping views below. Another eye-catcher is the enormous glass wine cabinet that decorates the space. The complex, meticulous cooking of Chef Heiko Nieder is both classical and contemporary. This native of Schleswig-Holstein usually puts the finest product center stage and delivers quite a harmonious blend of flavors. His vegan options are equally remarkable. When eating for lunch, the five-course “amuse-bouche menu,” offered during lunch, lets you experience a wide range of cuisine.


2. Restaurant Hiltl

Not a big fan of meat? Then Hiltl is right up your alley. This restaurant is the earliest vegetarian buffet in history. The restaurant, which is situated in the city’s heart just off Bahnhofstrasse, one of the busiest retail streets, provides a wide selection of vegetarian dishes.

Haus Hiltl, a gourmet sanctuary of “healthy pleasure” established in 1898 and maintained by the fourth generation of the Hiltl family, is now recognized by Guinness World Records as the globe’s oldest surviving vegetarian restaurant. It is also one of Zürich’s best-known dining establishments. Since Haus Hiltl initially opened its kitchen, thousands of Europeans have been treated to a rich ratatouille of meatless alternatives beyond potatoes and root vegetables thanks to its innovative meals, which combine Asian, Mediterranean, and Swiss elements.


3. Pavillon Zurich

Try the Pavillon if you want to have a more relaxed yet sophisticated evening. One of Zurich’s most renowned dining establishments, the Michelin-starred restaurant serves up contemporary food in a space that seamlessly blends modern and traditional design. The chef is renowned for reimagining traditional recipes for twenty-first-century diners. A glass pavilion in a lovely garden is where you can enjoy renowned great cuisine in the Baur au Lac Hotel near the lake. Indulge in a Jarret de Veau! This entrée has become the favorite of many.


4. Kronenhalle Restaurant & Bar

A unique night can only be experienced in Kronenhalle. Guests can enjoy outstanding service and cuisine while dining amidst authentic and well-known artwork around the restaurant, such as works by Pablo Picasso. With a worldwide menu and Zurich classics, the Kronenhalle, located in the center of Zurich, takes pleasure in serving the best European food.

One insider’s advice is to unwind with a glass at the greatest bar in the world before dinner and watch the talented expert bartender put on a little performance.


5. Parkhuus Restaurant Zurich

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you’re sure to adore Parkhuus. The restaurant offers a variety of the best bottles from Switzerland and other important wine-producing nations. 600 different beverages, from wines to champagnes from across the world and locally are available on the menu. It’s also renowned for its open kitchen display, with a wood-burning oven centerpiece. Diners can witness the chefs at work while they prepare their sumptuous meals.

The ONYX Bar, where they serve vintage wines, malt whiskey, unique alcohol brands, classic mixes, and hand-rolled tobacco, is a great place to get a drink. The arena also boasts glass walls that reach up to the ceiling.


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