A Taste of Los Angeles Luxury

Luxury in Los AngelesLuxurious Things to Do in Los Angeles


A trip to Los Angeles will have guests feeling like the life of luxury is innate to them, owing to the renowned and affluent celebrities that make up the city’s populace. There is a myriad of extravagant excursions that you can experience in LA. You’re allowed to go all-out and indulge in Los Angeles. Here are some of the few lavish ways to make your trip to LA simply unforgettable.


A Private Tour of the City

Los Angeles is simply full of attractions, and what better way to take it all in than reserving tours around the city’s landmarks with the expertise of a local guide? Take your usual city tour one notch up by booking a private city tour that can be tailored to your taste and preference.

Take a leisurely stroll along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, see a game and some in Los Angele’s Staple Center, or pretend you’re a paparazzi and discover where the world’s most popular celebrities reside in Beverly Hills, with a private tour, Los Angeles is simply your oyster.

You may spend as much or as little time as you wish visiting the various famous Los Angeles locations when you take a tour that’s personalized for you. It’s a tasteful way to visit the city that allows you to focus on the places you love to explore. Not only is it perfect for first-time vacationers to the City of Angels, but it also offers something for returning holidaymakers.

If you want to raise the notch higher, why not explore the city and its landmarks with a flying excursion? Read more here for Helicopter Tours in Los Angeles.


Shop Til You Drop

The most well-known location for luxury shopping in Los Angeles is Rodeo Drive, in which you can arrange a private shopping experience for a truly luxurious time. Melrose Avenue and even Beverly Hills allow tourists and guests to experience a VIP shopping escape for the fun and fashionable.

Peruse the latest fashion trends with the help of a personal shopper or, more excitingly, a fashion guide, to direct you to all the best shopping locations in the city. LA inarguably has one of the best shopping districts in the world, and fashionable celebrities reside there for a reason. Treat yourself to luxury here, splurge on designer handbags and stunning jewelry. With Luxe Travel Concierge, we can take care of your transportation and transfer needs as you hop from district to district. 


Stay in the Most Opulent Hotels and Resorts

There are numerous elegant hotels and resorts where you can treat yourself to. The luxury hotels in Los Angeles cater to the modern-day equivalent of royalty, and you’ll very much feel like one in LA’s hotels. There is no request they can’t satisfy and it is only extravagance from here on out. 

A stay in LA’s chicest and most posh hotels allows you to start and end each day with a sense of awe as you bask in the finest luxury and comfort in the area. It will make you feel more relaxed after exhausting days of sightseeing and truly set the tone for your trip. Among the most opulent accommodation options are Hotel Bel-Air, London West Hollywood, and the iconic Chateau Marmont.

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Wine and Dine LA-style

Several of the top chefs from around the world serve up fantastic cuisine at local restaurants in LA, which boasts a vibrant and trendy gastronomic scene. Be prepared to indulge in your next spectacular meal because dining at several of the area’s restaurants may be very pricey.

Given that Los Angeles is recognized as a gastronomic city, it only makes perfect sense to treat yourself to a few gourmet meals. Unsure where to take your gourmand friends in Los Angeles? Here are 10 of the Most Expensive Luxury Restaurants in Los Angeles.


Drive a Fancy Ride Around LA Streets

Los Angeles is a big city and driving is more common than using public transit for most. It’s not hard to fit in with the opulent crowd when you drive a flashy car that simply stuns every single passerby. There are numerous car rentals in and around Los Angeles. If sitting under the California sun in your elegant ride is your thing, we can always be of help here at Luxe Travel Concierge. We are your personal concierge. Our access to some of the most luxurious and comfortable cars in the city will allow you to experience the opulence and grandeur of Los Angeles just the way you like it.

Go behind the wheel of a Ferrari, or tour around the shopping districts on a Lamborghini. The choice is yours. Tell us and we’ll make your dream a reality.


Go VIP Touring at the Studios

Public guided tours are available at a number of movie studios, including big names such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Sony. Some of them even provide VIP upgrades for the opulent film fanatics who desire a more intimate tour of the studios without the additional crowd.

When visiting Los Angeles, many visitors take film studio tours, but if you arrange a VIP experience instead, you’ll feel especially special, almost like you’re granted solo access to the place. One quite extraordinary tour would be the VIP tour around Universal Studios Hollywood—it’s one choice for a VIP studio tour and you’re given a VIP Access Pass. With unique access to locations that are ordinarily off-limits, a delicious catered lunch, and an entrance to the studio and amusement park, this pass truly makes you feel like a celebrity.


Relaxing in Los Angeles

A number of wellness spas and clinics dot downtown Los Angeles, spanning standalone day clinics and spas housed within the best hotels in the city.

A restful day at the spa is a wonderful chance to indulge yourself and practice some self-care. On a spa day in LA, you may enhance both your physical and emotional well-being after a few days of shopping and strolling around town. Some of LA’s best include The Hotel Bel-Air Spa, the Tomoko Spa in South Beverly Drive, and SLS Hotel\s the Ciel Spa. Revitalize and recharge so you can explore the city’s endless attractions once more.


A Yacht Cruise Along the Coast

With your favorite companions, you may reserve a personal Los Angeles yacht charter to take in the city’s attractions and beautiful weather by the water. This is an extremely popular choice for exceptional overnight stays, fishing expeditions, and most especially fun bachelor and bachelorette celebrations.

It’s fascinating to observe Los Angeles from the Californian waters, like from the ocean, comparable to the helicopter notion mentioned above.

There are many various types of yachts available, all of which range in price depending on the tour you prefer.

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There is simply no metropolis like Los Angeles, with its white sand beaches, celebrity-studded nightlife, and renowned theme parks. The only way to best enjoy the city’s grandeur is to make this list your personal guide to the luxurious excursions that await you in Los Angeles.

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