Private Yacht Charter in Los Angeles

Los Angeles luxury yacht  charterWhether you’re staying for the weekend or longer, a Los Angeles yacht charter will give you breathtaking sceneries of Los Angeles quite inaccessible on land. See the whales or watch the dolphins surf with the bow, you’re bound to enjoy every second of your journey watching the sea lions sunbathe and the birds frolic in the warm Californian waters.


Marina del Rey 

The sailing center of Los Angeles, Marina del Rey, lies in the city’s seaside playgrounds and serves as the scene of a thriving water-related lifestyle. The primary boating and water leisure destination for the greater Los Angeles region, Marina del Rey is home to the largest man-made harbor that welcomes small crafts and yachts for anchorage.

With a private yacht charter in Los Angeles, you get to have the option of lounging on a sunbed while enjoying the year-round sunny weather of California. You can also venture ashore to take in the state’s renowned laid-back atmosphere along the Venice boardwalk, which stretches the length of the California coastline from Marina del Rey down to the Santa Monica Pier. It’s lined with upscale shops, bistros, restaurants, and cafes, so make sure to stop and explore the eats in the area.

First off, there isn’t anywhere quite like Los Angeles since the City of Angels never lacks. It has just about anything an amazing vacation is comprised of stunning Pacific beaches, picturesque mountains, bike routes, boat rentals, cruises, and endless nightlife. Beverly Hills, with its enormous houses and extremely upscale stores along Rodeo Drive, is even more impressive from the water.


Marina del Rey Down to Santa Monica Pier

Your private yacht will reach Santa Monica Pier in about 30 minutes from Marina del Rey. Take an entire day to explore this prominent location on the Los Angeles shore if you’re sailing with kids. Entrance to Pacific Park, a little amusement park that includes the famous Ferris wheel, a miniature roller coaster, various tiny attractions, and the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium are just some of the attractions you’ll run into if you tender ashore.

While exploring Santa Monica Bay, keep an eye out for friendly whales and dolphins. With a boat charter from Marina del Rey, you might as well go whale watching when the migratory whales traverse the sea in the winter. To spot sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins, and minke whales, sail closer into the bay and track the seasonal gray whale migration route.


California Charter: Marina del Rey to Malibu

Set on a sailing excursion with your family and friends, and ride aboard your boat in Marina Del Rey. Destination? Malibu. If you’re on a day trip, your personal chef will accompany you while you tour the harbor. You’ll see Los Angeles from a perspective that is only possible from the ocean.

Sailing from Marina del Rey to Paradise Cove in Malibu will give you a longer and livelier journey. Malibu is well-known for its sunny, sandy beaches and leisure walks through the stunning canyons. The area is also renowned as the residence of several Hollywood celebrities and other people connected to the entertainment business. Set up anchor in Paradise Cove California and take head ashore to spend the day relaxing in the sun while admiring the beachfront houses in the distance. Set up camp on one of Oxnard’s expansive, striped, powdery beaches and take in the breathtaking scenery that this area has to offer. Use the kayak aboard the boat ashore to explore one of Malibu’s numerous wineries.


Yachting along the Californian coasts on the edge of Los Angeles will prove to be a momentous experience that you won’t want to miss. When you charter a private yacht in Los Angeles, you can discover the diversity of this area, from the glitzy areas of Santa Barbara and Malibu to the beautiful natural splendor of the Channel Islands, in the way it was designed to be seen: from the ocean. Enjoy the year-round California sun while lounging on your luxurious yacht rental and taking in the opulent lifestyle.

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