A Glimpse into Canadian Luxury Experiences

Luxury destinations CanadaCanada is known for its vastness in size and potential, and its unspoiled beauty is a haven for wilderness explorers. For those who appreciate the finest things in life, there’s an abundance of luxurious experiences in this corner of the continent. Discover the vast forests, secluded log cabins, breathtaking mountain views, top-notch skiing, vibrant towns, and rich history of Canada. Not to mention the more than 200,000 kilometers of coast waiting to be explored.

Read on to glimpse into Canada’s lavish wilderness.


Go on Rustic Wilderness Adventures

Skirting the banks of Clayoquot Sound is the luxurious Wilderness Lodge of the same name. The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is the most remote eco-safari location on earth, nestled between enormous mountains and Clayoquot Sound.

Instead of signing up for pre-scheduled tours and activities, you’ll sit down with a director every day and craft a custom itinerary based on the weather, animal sightings, and your desire for adventure.

If you want to unwind, surfing at a private beach is always an option, along with riding a horse through the untamed forest. Kayaking across rapid rivers and looking for any of the 30 giant black bears in the area, migrating whales, sea lions, bald eagles, and other wildlife are thrilling activities that thrill-seekers may enjoy.


Luxurious Travel Adventures

If you’re more of a stylish wilderness explorer, you can stay in the lap of luxury in the heart of British Colombia. One of the most opulent ways to explore the isolated province is at Sonora Resort, which is tucked away in the intricate archipelago of the Discovery Islands.

The most adventurous coastal landscape in Canada will be just outside your door, yet you’ll still have access to all the contemporary comforts.

Kayaking, fly-fishing, water sports, and archery are just a few of the eco-friendly activities offered by Sonora Resort, but it’s probably best known for its Grizzly Bear Tours, which allow visitors to boat around the inlets and get up close and personal with grizzlies in their natural habitat.


Capture Bucket List Worthy Moments

Everybody’s idea of a bucket list moment is unique, but they all have the same feature of providing those who are fortunate enough to experience them with once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Need some motivation or wish list suggestions? Imagine taking a private aircraft to traverse Canada or chartering a yacht to sail through the Inside Passage. You could even hire out an entire wilderness lodge to accommodate friends and family. These travel suggestions are unusual, exceptional, and unparalleled.


Discover the City’s Neighborhood

The wilderness isn’t the only thing worth exploring. Discover urban districts and find something to fall in love with in the cosmopolitan cities of Canada. Explore its varied and distinctive cities while enjoying the gorgeous architecture, top-notch fine cuisine, exciting nightlife, and opulent hotels.

Experience for yourself why Vancouver is ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities consistently and be lured into its exceptional cosmopolitan flair. Indulge in retail therapy in Toronto’s endless high-end boutiques.

And if you’re done taking in the bright lights and the throbbing energy of bustling streets, rest in the large park areas created to provide residents and visitors with a shaded escape from the hectic centers. Everything you’d ever want is simply within the city’s reach!


Reel in a Fresh Catch in Luxury Lodgings

Wilderness and luxury aren’t something you’d usually see together but lo and behold Canada is abundant with fishing luxury fishing lodges where families and friends can stay exclusively. Go fishing and cast a line to reel in the big one! There are abundant populations of all five species of salmon, trout, halibut, and rockfish in and around North American waters.

Fishing competitions with bears and sightings of circling wild birds will also unintentionally lead to visitors learning about the country’s five-star fishing spots. With many natural and pristine fisheries to explore, your fishing experience is bound to be memorable. It’s not even uncommon for any single person to catch a hundred a day—talk about abundance!


Witness the Northern Lights

Finally, what’s a trip to the Canadian highlands without a glimpse of the northern lights? Those green dancing hues in the sky are Mother Nature’s most spectacular light display. This luxurious sight is a delight that will easily become the highlight of your Canadian escapade.

Alluring yet evasive, people from all over the world can only dream of witnessing this natural phenomenon. This evasive and otherworldly sight can be witnessed through all four seasons. However, the best place to see them is up North, where they are also the most active.

The Northwest Territories, where these lights are typically visible 240 nights a year, is the greatest site in Canada, if not the whole globe, to view aurora borealis. Fall or winter are the ideal seasons (though summer is just as beautiful).


Canada’s grandeur and pristine beauty make its wild landscapes a worthy exploration destination. Plenty of opulent destinations await. Allow Luxe Travel Concierge to take care of all the tedious details. There’s nothing left for you to do but think about the great time you’ll have there. Absolute luxury and relaxation, with none of the hassle to get there. Leave it all to us. We love our clients, and we know how to spoil you.