Bermuda’s Great Sound Yacht Charter


Bermuda is comprised of a string of islands nestled in the Sargasso Sea. Gorgeous reefs ring the island which adds up to its prestige as one of the world’s best diving and snorkeling destinations. Although quite small in size, the island has managed to acquire quite a rich cultural history, complete with historical forts, museums, galleries, and boutiques.

It’s a magnet for every kind of tourist: whether you’re a history enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a beach potato, Bermuda has everything in store. All your expectations shall be met gladly, leaving you on your heels for more.

In the southwestern scoop of Bermuda’s uniquely fish-hook-shaped land sits the Great Sound, a natural harbor bordered on three sides by land and opening to the North Atlantic Ocean on the other. The Great Sound of Bermuda attracts weekend boaters and sailing buffs from all over the world.

Not only is it known for its clear blue waters fringed by vibrant coral reefs and pink-sand beaches, but it also draws professional and sports boaters as it has hosted international sailing competitions throughout the years. This includes America’s Cup or the Auld Mug, the oldest worldwide competition still operating to this very day. The calm seas and protected coves make the island idyllic for swimming and snorkeling activities.


Way of the Water

Exploring the island by the water is the best way to discover its beauty. Bermuda is known for its temperate climate year-round, accompanied by a nearly-perfect sailing atmosphere. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, leisure travelers and sailors alike get to enjoy the island because of the pleasant and balmy sailing winds and waters. The warm waters also make it ideal for underwater activities making it a scuba diving hotspot. Enjoy a swim through the colorful reefs and with marine wildlife or explore historic shipwrecks that pepper the island’s perimeter. Nothing beats a private charter ride, especially for romantic escapades along the jewel-toned waters of Bermuda.


Way of the Land

If you’re just about tanned and ready to explore Bermuda’s history-rich island, there are many vantage points to consider as well. Bermuda is known for its distinctly charming architecture made of low-rise square buildings, stepped white roofs, and pastel-painted walls. The highest view of Sandys Parish, Fort Scaur, offers sweeping views of the Great Sound from above. A more ambitious climb awaits you at the 117-foot Gibbs Hill Lighthouse which gives you a bird’s eye view of the surrounding waters below. The palm-tree-lined Lagoon Park is also a great beach to swim in, and the waterfront park that is the Spanish Point allows you to watch boats come and go as you laze about and picnic on the rocks.


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