Bewitching Hotel Be Tulum


The sleek wonder Be Tulum by Argentinian architect and owner Sebastian Sas is the physical representation of au natural chicness. Thanks to the property’s beautiful location between the rainforest and the Caribbean Sea, the only thing cooler you’ll ever encounter is the gentle breeze blowing from the shores. It’s a true masterpiece that incorporates chicness and sustainability into nature: the structures are fashioned from 100 percent repurposed wood that protrudes through the trees.

Enjoy the view from any of the 65 elegant suites’ comfy confines, or explore the property’s sand-covered walkways to find three splendid restaurants, a bar, and the acclaimed Yäan Healing Sanctuary. Do as little or as much as you’ve planned—you’re in control of your stay.


Nature’s Chicest Accommodations

Your suite at Be Tulum envelopes you with elements from nature’s own treasure box: woods, bamboo, and muted colors. Mother Nature, the resort’s principal architect, has plenty of opportunity to shine in both private residences and public areas, and her majesty does not disappoint.

Suites on the first level offer the privacy of your own plunge pool that is encircled by dense foliage. Second-floor apartments have their own rooftops, which offer a picture-perfect backdrop of emerald, azure, and earth browns. All lodgings graciously provide high-quality sheets, bicycles, and round-the-clock room service.


Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul 

Tulum’s mysticism gave birth to Yäan Healing Sanctuary. It is a place of recovery devoted to recovering the psyche and the body located directly across Be Tulum. The sanctuary allows you to discover your inner and exterior beauty through the fusion of your mind, body, and soul. You will feel at ease with Yäan’s exquisite and naturalistic form, which honors the movement of nature in both time and space. Try the treatments all of which were inspired by the local region.

Journey through their therapeutic pools of pure crystalline waters, saunas, and heated steam room to revitalize and invigorate your senses. The best specialists from Mexico and throughout the world will provide you with the best therapies, including traditional indigenous procedures, energy cleansing, deep muscle relaxation exercises, and herbal and floral spas poured in copper tubs you can only find in the sanctuary.


Have Your Fill

Gourmands have three restaurant choices: Ocumare, 4 Fuegos, and Maresias.

The upscale Ocumare Restaurant pays homage to Mexico’s diverse culinary history. The food, prepared by  head chef Elias Silva, honors traditional Mexican cuisine and invites guests on an unexpected culinary tour of Mexico’s various regions. A boutique collection of natural and leading wines may also be found at the restaurant, along with a personalized cocktail experience centered on Mexican breweries.

In order to honor the essence of the element of fire, 4 Fuegos Restaurant still use traditional grilling and slow-cooking methods. The resident chefs are inspired by the distinctive smokey flavor that only fire can impart for cuisine truly devoted to roasting. Discover the flavors of Be Tulum through its well-known specialties such as grilled lobster, daily-caught seafood, and wagyu national beef roasted over flames. The restaurant also takes pride in the artisanal ingredients that are available throughout the different seasons, harvested from its farm and the sea. This open-fire kitchen, situated close to the Tulum beach, offers tempting cuisine, including appetizers and desserts, to be enjoyed from sunrise to sunset. Chef Elias oversees the meticulous preparation of the meal so you can indulge in your best gastronomic experience yet.

Maresias is a beachfront establishment that recognizes the Yucatan Peninsula’s homegrown flavors and draws inspiration from the environment in the area. The cuisine at Maresias is created from naturally produced ingredients and features expertly prepared meals that are light yet heavenly to the taste. The meals are inspired by the seas and the land. The cooks collaborate closely with neighborhood fishermen to provide a wide selection of freshly caught seafood such as oysters, raw ceviches, and tiraditos. Delight in the magnificent scenery offered by the Caribbean sea while dining on shareable appetizers and main dishes accompanied by light salads and organic greens.


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