Bonjour, Le Bristol

Bonjour Le Bristol Paris


Having played a vital role in shaping the world’s art, culture, and history, France has long been regarded as a center of high culture. To prove, when you hear of the country, you’d immediately associate it with fashion, cuisine, and cinema. La France is also distinguished in the world for its architectural icons such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

It’s a favorite tourist destination by many for the concentration of art and culture one can experience in its museums, galeries d’art, and fine cuisine. The six-sided country also offers varied landscapes: from the vivid ranges of the French Alps to the exquisite beaches in Marseille and Nice.

It’s no surprise that in its capital city, Paris, celebrities and other famed personas flock to Le Bristol Paris. Located on one of the city’s most esteemed addresses, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Le Bristol has stood as an icon of genuine French elegance since 1925. The hotel boasts a hundred and ninety rooms and suites accessible to the bustling attractions and places in the city of Paris.


Rooms & Suites

Designed in le grand style Parisien, the hotel offers a home unlike any other. Its beloved guests will feel at home in its light and airy rooms immediately. With nothing less than luxurious relaxation in mind, Le Bristol was the first French hotel to receive the title of “Palace”, further adding to its charm and distinction. Each room in the hotel is unique in its design, spirit, and colors, and it’s an accommodation wonderland waiting for you to explore.


Restaurants & Bar

Home to four Michelin stars, your stay at Le Bristol will definitely give you a happy tummy. It’s a given that France is already a center of fine dining and excellent cuisine but the gastronomic experiences waiting to be discovered in Le Bristol are simply out of this world. The hotel is home to the legendary triple Michelin-starred chef Eric Frechon with over 20 years of exceptional service. Expect gourmet dining during your stay at Le Bristol Paris.



The Imperial Suite

The largest, most lavish suite of the Palace-awarded hotel is its Imperial Suite. Walking through the doors leading to the suite, one can immediately soak in the natural light, feel free in the expansive space, and experience tranquil elegance. Upon entrance, its honey-colored parquet flooring with chevron patterns will set your high expectations of the place.

The suite is generously furnished by Taillardat, a French furniture-making firm that specializes in luxurious home pieces. The exquisitely embroidered and damask fabric embellishments are done by Colony, evocative of classic French style.

The master bedroom of the Imperial Suite is adorned with floral tones and is an ultimate serene space. A 270-square-foot bathroom in charming pink Aurora marble with polished cabochons in gray-blue from the Savoie can be witnessed, and a deep soaking tub with a shower-steam room offers nothing short of total relaxation.


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