Cruising the West Mediterranean Coast

Cruise the West Mediterranean Embark on a luxurious voyage through the Mediterranean West: superyacht hotspots, island escapades, and beautiful beaches. Leave the bustle of city life behind and explore the dramatic coastlines, crystal-clear waters, sheltered coves, and hidden bays where ancient civilizations once thrived. Whisk into the secluded and deserted beaches well-kept from the madding crowd. A popular luxury superyacht cruising ground and destination, there’s nowhere like the West Mediterranean coast.

Amalfi Coast

A favorite holiday getaway for many jet-setters, the Amalfi Coast is known for its quaint villages, stunning scenery, and exquisite cuisine. Volcanic eruptions shaped the coast into the ultimate yachting destination it is today and there’s no better way to discover its beauty than via boat. The unsullied coasts of its secret islands, hidden coves, and secluded beaches make for one intimate adventure. Naples is a feast to the senses and Pompeii offers some of Rome’s richest retreats. South of Italy, so much to explore.


At the western end of the Mediterranean lies a collection of unspoiled islands: the Balearics. The 3 main islands, Italy’s Holy Trinity: Majorca, Menorca, and Ibiza, make for the perfect unforgettable sailing vacation, with each having its own unique character and charm. Spend your days soaking up on the pristine beaches, secret corners with mountain vistas, and wild island bliss. Majorca is known for its beautiful coastlines and limestone mountains; Menorca for its beaches surrounded by a protected UNESCO biosphere; Ibiza is the wild middle child born to party and hit nightclubs. The Balearics is a natural work of art worth visiting from late spring to early summer.


With lush valleys and a rugged coastline, Corsica is famed for its natural beauty. The jagged shorelines, turquoise seas, and wild landscapes have long been a retreat for the opulent and famed folk and they now anticipate your visit. Explore the historic towns and marvel at the beauty of Corsica’s coast. Anchor on the natural port of Bonifacio and explore the town perched 80 meters above. Discover Corsica’s most luxurious marina in Propriano or be tempted by the castle overlooking the sea in Calvi. Whatever floats your boat, Corsica is famous for vacation perfection.


Another Italian island off the West coast is rich in Roman heritage, welcome to Sardinia. The island is simply a few hours’ sail around Costa Smeralda where famous celebrities go for holidays. Party by night and beach by day, the seaside playground that is Porto Cervo is a must-visit destination in the South. La Maddalena islands are perfect for seclusion and privacy, with 57 out of 60 islands completely empty—all yours to dive in. Porto Rotondo is also highly sought-after, with crystal clear shallow waters and fine sand ideal for families enjoying under the sun.

French Riviera

French and fabulous, the azure coast allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan central France. Famed for the glamorous lifestyle and the playground for all the opulent and lavish crowd, it’s home to Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Antibes, and many more. Its lengthy silver shore is a mix and match of charming towns and sun-drenched beaches. A true yachting mecca and paradise on both water and land, everyone simply wants a taste. Only a private yacht will let you indulge in its islets and dive sites with no one to compete with. Pop the rosé and cheers! The French Riviera spoils you with charming towns and alluring beaches.

Italian Riviera

It’s the coast of color, expect nothing else but vibrancy. Whether you’re looking to unwind on a leisurely sailing excursion or opt for a superyacht holiday in Portofino, the exquisite Italian Rivera is the place to be. This sparking jewel of the Mediterranean has been drawing pleasure seekers since long before Rome was even a city. With over 300 days of temperate sunny weather, it’s the perfect summer holiday destination. Adore the colorfully painted towns of Cinque Terre and Porto Venere or dive into Forte Dei Marmi, the Italian Riviera will keep you coming back for more.

Sicily & The Aeolian Islands

Italy’s largest island offers the largest punch. The sunny coast of Sicily has stretches of golden sand and active volcanoes. While it’s famous for rolling hills and beautiful coastlines, there’s more to Sicily than its natural abundance. This uncrowned jewel off the Mediterranean west is also renowned for its amazing architecture and Catholic cathedrals. This island of a thousand flavors is the perfect yachtsman escapade destination.

The West Mediterranean coast bursts with breathtaking vistas of mountains and sea, as metropolitan and civilizations ancient. With history and contemporary luxury meeting in the middle, allow Luxe Travel Concierge to create a bespoke getaway for your next yacht charter escape. We’ll make your dream vacation a reality. Leave it all to us. We love our clients and we know how to spoil you.