Desert Oasis: A Celebrity Favorite Residence in Rancho Mirage

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The entire state of California is a huge tourist destination in and of itself. Along with Los Angeles and New York, The Golden State is considered one of the most popular destinations in North America. It’s famed for the varied attractions that it offers tourists and travelers: the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, the Redwood, and Sequoia forests.

There are also many things unique only to California that lure people from all around the globe, including Coachella, the Cali beach culture, and the world-class wine experience in Napa Valley.


Riverside County

In the southern part of Cali is the fourth-most populous county in California: Riverside. Most of the country covers the desert, especially in the central and eastern regions. Nestled across the foot of Santa Rosa Mountains, it’s famed for its resort cities, and among the most favorite of well-known celebrities in Rancho Mirage.

The city of Rancho Mirage is home to several celebrities. The resort city enjoys various nicknames such as The Playground of Presidents for its rich history of being a renowned relaxation destination for various US presidents. Richard Nixon spent days retreating at some estate, Barack Obama was caught unplugging from the world, and Gerald Ford resided in the city for most decades of his life.

The city also prides itself in its nickname “Golf Capital of the World”, having hosted a variety of gold and tennis championships and tournaments over the years. With accolades and recognition of presidents and a prime location for the wealthy’s most favored sport, its’ no wonder how Rancho Mirage is a prime luxury city in the middle of the scorching desert.

And among the resorts and accommodations in the area stands one striking home: a stunning Mediterranean house called Desert Oasis.


Desert Oasis

This private ranch located on Clancy Lane is definitely a lovely desert haven. Celebrities have made a home in the rental as a base for activities such as festivals and tournaments and the ranch has been featured in Palm Springs Life Magazine and even Architectural Digest. Upon entering, the French doors welcome guests into an enclosed atrium at the house’s heart, and guests can revel in the coffered ceilings, complete with crown-molding finishes and hand-painted features. The devil is indeed in the details.

The gourmet kitchen is also one of a kind, and the house has two formal living rooms, one dining room, and a dining gazebo out. The fire pits also surround the generous resort-sized swimming pool, making the surrounding and outside environment one of the key attractions that lure guests into the charming home. With a gas barbeque and manicured lawns, you’ll find all you will ever need in the stunning Desert Oasis.


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