Flying First-Class? Here are reasons you should charter a private jet instead.

Why fly first class when you can fly private jet?Comfort is crucial when it comes to flying. Spending hours and hours on end cramped in a coach seat takes away from your experience, especially if you’re flying for a relaxing vacation. First class is usually the readiest option available, however, there’s a much better way to fly than taking a regular commercial flight: chartering a private jet.

You might argue: But many airlines prioritize luxury already. What for?

Private jets exist for a reason, and it’s so you could indulge in high-end travel luxuries as you hop from one travel destination to another. Nothing speaks true luxury than flying privately, being in control of your time and schedule, and who your flying company will be. The cost is well worth the perks. We’ve round-up three top reasons why you should save yourself the time and trouble, and charter a private jet instead for the ultimate flying experience.


1. No more long queues.

It’s never fun waiting for your luggage with a sea of strangers, especially after a long red-eye flight. A perk that you get when you fly in a private jet is that you get to skip the long queues. No need to deal with bustling crowds looking for their suitcases among the similar-looking bags and items of luggage, and going through security is simply a breeze. It’s not bad for convenience’s sake.


2. Saves a ton of time.

Chartered flights are unlike commercial ones. They say time is the most valuable resource and what better way to think smart about such a commodity than to save lots of it? Flying a private jet means following your timetable and the departure times can be set to your liking. When flights are considerably lengthy, layovers are a thing of the past when flying a chartered jet. Plus, commercial flights tend to change their schedules a lot and these fluctuations might affect your itinerary. Not only are you saving time, but you’re also saving yourself from potential headaches.


3. Experience tailored just for you.

So this is how it feels to fly like royalty, you think to yourself. Flying a chartered flight will give you onboard experiences that are quite unparalleled. The experience is more personal, more intimate if you may, and everything can be suited to your taste. You can select your flight crew, indulge in catered meals, and gain access to top-of-the-line entertainment systems. And with your selection of passengers aboard, you know you’re in good company throughout the flight.


If you’re willing to shell out money in the name of comfort and luxury, then no better option can top chartering a private plane. While first-class flying may already sound like an extreme luxury, you’re still at the mercy of a commercial airline’s established route. A chartered jet allows you to simply maximize your time and enjoyment wherever you’re bound to go. And when you try it, there’s no turning back.

Don’t skimp on comfort. Indulge in the ultimate privacy, upscale food and drink service, and private transportation to and from the airport that’s all for you.

With Luxe Travel Concierge, we’re here to spoil you. Allow us to take care of all the confusing details so that you can sit back and relax, quite literally. Experience the true luxury of comfort and convenience. Leave it all to us.


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