Gadding About Greece

Amazing destinations in Greece


Scattered between the Aegean and Ionian seas are 6,000 islands and islets of the Greek archipelago waiting to be explored. From the undisturbed beauty of its uninhabited isles to the vibrant cosmopolitans that comprise Greece, a myriad of experiences awaits sailors and tourists alike.

Each beautiful island is lush with its own tradition, culture, and landscape. A yacht charter around the Greek Islands will open your horizons to an entirely new experience: you get to experience its bewildering beaches, coastal caves, and sheltered bays otherwise inaccessible.

The archipelago has long been a paradise for sun-worshippers, from the pre-Hellenic periods to the contemporary world. There’s plenty to see and do in Greece and there’s no greater way to discover the islands than via boat.

With its crystalline waters and exquisite sand, islands brimming with ancient sites, and interesting archaeological museums, a one-week boating trip to the Greek isles will certainly quench your thirst for adventure and history. Make that two for the ultimate Greek experience.

We’ve listed for must-see Greek Islands for your next yacht chartering trip:



This island is easily the most obvious must-visit among the Greek Isles, and rightfully so. It’s a delightful center of attention and travelers from all over will find its picturesque towns and villages endearing. It’s famed for its enchanting fairytale-esque windmills and white houses, and is also home to the most beautiful beaches and most vibrant nightlife in all of Greece! It’s the island where modernity meets history—mythology, history, and tradition in a perfect marriage with urban entertainment and wild nightlife.

Ionian Islands

Also known as the Heptanese, the Ionian Islands is composed of Corfu and its cosmopolitan old town; the non-touristy island of Paxos; Lefkas and its dense forests; Ithaca, the homeland of Odysseus; the delicious local winery that is Kefalonia; Zakynthos’s party atmosphere; and Kythira’s medieval architecture. It’s a great place to start your yacht charter in Greece. Each island has indeed its own charm and allure and there’s definitely something for you to enjoy in each. Let’s not forget to mention that each island is lush with relaxing greenery, secluded turquoise waters, and exotic landscapes.

Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades group of Islands in the Aegean Sea is composed of 220 islands circling around the sacred island of Delos. The distinctive blue and white of the island’s villages and the charming dome and cave houses continually attract tourists and sailors alike. True to Cycladic architecture, the white-painted villages stand on top in some sort of leveling on the high red cliffs. And if the narrow streets and white-washed homes are already picture-perfect on land, imagine the panoramic view it offers when you cruise along the islands.

Of course, the famous Santorini and Mykonos are part of the group but it’s not enough to only visit the more popular islands with over two hundred of them waiting to be explored. With quaint towns, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters furthering into a lapis lazuli color, the rest of the Cyclades Islands is definitely a must-explore destination in the Greek Isles.

Saronic Gulf Route

The best sailing area for those looking for a relaxing sailing experience along the Greek Islands would be the Saronic Gulf Route. Most of the islands are easily accessible by yacht and all offer lustrous crystalline waters and a relaxing atmosphere. There are so many natural and historical monuments to explore in the Saronic Gulf Islands. The port of Athens is a stepping stone to the Saronic islands and you’ll start the yacht sailing from Aegina, ending in the cosmopolitan island of Hydra.


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