Helicopter Tours in Los Angeles

Helicopter tours Los AngelesLos Angeles is known by its many monikers: La-la-land, The City of Flowers and Sunshine, and Tinseltown among others. It’s equally known for quite many things: the iconic Hollywood sign, the chicest neighborhoods in Malibu, the Sunset Strip, and so much more. It’s an expansive urban jungle, and there’s so much to see in the city that you simply can’t take in by foot. So what’s the best way to explore the wonders of the City of Angels?

Enjoy breathtaking, aerial views of Los Angeles and its suburbs from the greatest viewing platform conceivable: a helicopter! Fly in luxury and see Los Angeles in the chicest, most comfortable way possible.


A VIP Tour of Los Angeles 

One of the most-Recommended Helicopter Tours, a ride around LA allows you to devour sights aplenty at a time: beach cities, celebrity homes, and downtown Los Angeles. It captures all of LA’s grandeur without the trouble of LA’s traffic congestion.

The first few minutes of this ride are spent flying over the coastal city of Long Beach, the bustling LA Harbor, a glimpse of the distinct Palos Verdes Peninsula, Hermosa, Manhattan’s famed skyline, Redondo, and the elegant waterfront luxury hub that is Marina del Rey. Some icons in the suburbs will also catch your eye as the tour takes you to and through the Getty Center and Museum, the celebrity-populated Beverly Hills, the massive, cultural icon Hollywood sign, and the Downtown Sky Scrapers that make Los Angeles the lively metropolis that it is. 

With so many sights to see, don’t forget to enjoy yourself with a bottle of champagne as you look over the city’s buildings and beaches. A luxury sedan can pick you up and get you around for a complete chauffeured experience. 


Los Angeles at Night

What’s better than a daytime tour of LA, you ask? A nighttime tour across the City of Angels.

Nothing beats a welcoming bottle of champagne and hors d’oeuvres to kick off a romantic evening. Guests will be serenaded by the evening views around Los Angeles where you’ll experience the city’s true splendor by flying over its famous structures at night. Nothing compares to flying over a flood of city lights below. Here you’ll fly over the home of Los Angeles Kings, Lakers, Clippers, and Sparks: the Staples Center; the glamorous mansions of Beverly Hills; the best fishing spot and popular amusement destination that’s Santa Monica Pier; the dreamy skyscrapers of downtown LA at night, the bustling Hollywood Walk of Fame, and many others.

Every well-known Los Angeles location is covered, as well as transportation to an exquisite meal with and gourmet restaurant of your choice to accentuate your most exhilarating helicopter trip yet!


Catalina Island Tour

Indulge in a helicopter escape to the southwest island of Catalina. This flight begins with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean’s rough shoreline in South Bay as you take off from mainland LA. Soon you’ll be swooning over the stunning vistas of Catalina’s shoreline, surrounded by its lush, verdant scenery and rugged mountains that rise 1,000 feet in the air.

So what’s in Catalina? Only remote beaches and hidden coves, along with the island’s most stunning winery. An aerial tour of Catalina’s wineries will leave you breathless… and thirsty for wine. Discover the island’s wine products, including an hors d’oeuvres package brimming with delectable treats to please all of your senses. There is simply no better way to destress than to indulge in this wine escapade.

Witness the untamed beauty of nature’s simplicity. The little island’s communities and the incredible fauna that surrounds Catalina Island can also be explored with a helicopter tour around the stunning island.


Whether you’re in for a ride to see the famed structures and architectures of urban Los Angeles or get a taste of the peaceful rural life in Catalina, a beautiful escape on a helicopter ride is simply one for the books.

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