Martha’s Vineyard: The Summer Colony of the Rich

Martha's Vineyard Yachting


South of Cape Cod sits an island that’s the melting pot of farmland and sandy beaches: Martha’s Vineyard. Considered the world’s most-celebrated nautical community, the Vineyard attracts world-class yacht racers for the Vineyard Cup Regatta that it celebrates each July.

But the attractions and activities on the island don’t just revolve around the sailing scene. Many fish in the deep and warm Atlantic waters; some visit for the romantic lingering summers; although plenty indeed sails their yachts along the blue sapphire waters.

The Vineyard’s coastline varies from windswept beaches to seaside cliffs, and even marshland ponds and protected sandy inlets, surrounded by the Vineyard Sound. The rocky shores and dangerous tides of the island make lighthouses an ultimate necessity, so a visit to its five iconic lighthouses makes not only for a nice photograph but of a rich understanding of the island’s maritime history. While the quaint towns of Martha’s Vineyard make for a pleasing vacation spot, many also flock to the island for its renowned music concerts.

The endearing village has strong artistic ties and brimming with a community of artists. On the island, expect to be charmed by the clean and quaint architecture. Survey the local galleries overflowing with artworks and crafts as if begging to tag along with you as a trinket of your visit. Drive away into the sunset with a bicycle or scooter and explore its delicate streets. Indulge in the miles and miles of beaches or be enchanted by the mansions reminiscent of the island’s whaling years.

The downtown district of the island is an amazing shopping and dining center. Explore its innumerable bars, boutiques, and bistros all of which provide an old-fashioned setting to the culinary flair it brings. Tourists never run out of things to do on the island as the cultural and historic attractions, streets filled with restaurants, and art galleries have varied experiences in store. Its fresh seafood, magnificent sunsets, and beautiful gardens are also among the attractions that continue to allure tourists and sailors to the island.

Martha’s Vineyard is indeed a colony of affluent folk in the summer. They drop anchor and dock their ships in Martha’s Vineyard to experience a luxurious yet peaceful escapade away from it all. From spring to fall, the island remains a center of sailing and island life. A true sailing and island life hub, sailboats, and superyachts lobby to find a berth in its harbors.

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