Norman’s Cay Private Jet Charter

Charter a luxury private jet in Norman CayAt the northernmost point of the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas chain sits the small distinctive island of Norman’s Cay. Its bewitching charm and stories completely belie its size. Throughout its lengthy and interesting history, the island has seen a variety of thrilling events that have become a part of its cultural heritage and allure. Once housing raunchy pirates and famed drug personalities, the island’s beauty contrasting its dark history will only help intoxicate the imagination. The other islands are distanced from Norman’s Cay’s turquoise seas by a long sandbar and a short isthmus. Thanks to the subtropical warmth, temperatures rarely fall below 25 degrees here.


The History of Norman Cay

The Medellin Cartel of Colombia formerly owned this Bahamian island led by Pablo Escobar. The island’s intriguing past is made possible by the international smuggler’s infamy and notoriety, which is more than enough to entice you to its private beaches. The drug mogul was drawn to the island because of its seclusion, picturesque setting, and strategic location: a paradise close to the US. He drove out the locals and swiftly converted the island into his base of operations, even constructing a runway there for his fleet of planes. Back then, these small, secretive aircraft were used to carry drugs into the US.

Old wrecks from its cartel times can be discovered scattered across the waters. It swiftly rose to become one of the finest and most exclusive islands in the Bahamas after being taken over by the authorities in the 1980s. Currently, the resort falls within the Four Seasons Hotel brand’s extra-exclusive category. How exclusive exactly, you ask? So much so that a private aircraft or yacht is required just to set foot on the island.


Swim and Snorkel Sites

Possibilities are endless in Norman’s Cay since it’s home to packed with numerous noteworthy experiences and attractions—especially wrecks that tourists find fun and interesting. More than three kilometers of its white-sand beach are spotless and stunning Saddle Cay Beach on Norman’s Cay is a lovely beach for individuals who like land-based activities. This area of land, located at the northern extremity of the island, is largely uninhabited. The untouched Saddle Cay beach is the ideal place to escape and unwind.

The infamous plane wreck where Pablo Escobar perished is located on the island’s shallows, and snorkeling there is a popular activity. The now sunken aircraft was a remnant of a drug courier plane that didn’t quite make it onto the runway. Any snorkeler can enjoy the wreck’s shallow, clear water, making it the ideal location.


The Stuff at MacDuff Restaurant

And if you’re interested in discovering gastronomic marvels, a long-standing, charming Bahamian establishment on the island is MacDuff’s Restaurant. It was first recognized as a landmark where boatmen could gather on the island to chatter over a burger. Tropical delicacies like tenderized conch burgers, freshly caught fish, sandwiches, salads, and the legendary cheeseburger from paradise are included in the resto’s daily specials. The rustic chic charm and exposed wood beams provide a lovely, laid-back atmosphere appropriate for island living and intend to give customers a relaxing island experience while they indulge in the joys of American and Bahamian food.


Norman’s Cay has it all, whether it’s for anglers searching for their big catch, a shallow flat searching for a bone, or sunbathers searching immaculate white beaches. Where else can one land a plane on our 4,800-foot runway and then, ten minutes later, be on a boat in a remote lagoon? The Norman’s Cay Marina offers a lot more than simply catering to the quick arrival of vacationers.

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