Phenomenal Fiji: Yacht Charter Around Fiji Island

Enjoy Yachting in Fiji. Cruise the beautiful waters.


You know it, Fiji is an ideal holiday destination. A 300-island archipelago, the Republic of Fiji is renowned for its beautiful islands scattered around the South Pacific. It is known as the “soft coral capital of the world” because it is teeming with beautiful coral reefs, clear, shallow lagoons, and magnificent underwater scenery. Above water, its untamed beaches dotted with palm trees give Fiji an experience above your usual vacation.

That said, it’s also one of the most ideal yacht charter destinations. Think of stretch upon stretch of pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and palms swinging to the breeze. Due to their remoteness, many of the Fijian Islands are off-limits to tourists, which provides luxury sailing yacht charters with an unrivaled opportunity for adventure.


Charter Season in Fiji

As early as April, the charter season already starts taking off in the archipelago. When capricious weather threatens the Southern Pacific in December, the Fiji charter season slowly concludes. It’s feasible to sail Fiji during other seasons of the year, however, some people also vouch that January and perhaps even February make for wonderful yachting getaways. Since these islands are undoubtedly among the world’s most special destinations to visit, several of the biggest luxury superyachts have made trips to Fiji, and the islands are simply waiting for you to make your next destination on their shores.


The Yasawa Island group

If you’re an adventurous bunch, you might want to experience catching your own food. Head up to the Yasawa Island group, where the movie “Blue Lagoon” was filmed. A real oasis is the Yasawa Islands. The Fijian Islands’ volcanic makeup sets a jaw-dropping setting for sailing. Native residents are still present on the Yasawa Islands. Most sailing charter visitors find them to be a welcome diversion from the gaudiness of the Coral Coast and the Mamanuca Islands. The fishing is excellent, the water is beautiful and fresh, and the residents will give you the warmest of welcome.


Vanau Levu

Go a little north and you may find a marine spectacle on the stunning island of Vanau Levu. Several of the greatest diving spots in the world can be found around Taveuni, Namena Reef, and Koro Island. The ocean yonder is home to several amazing corals and aquatic life, while the island itself is blanketed with beautiful jungles and cascading waterfalls. There are several scenic harbors where you can leave your yacht happily anchored.


Varied Water Activities

The Fiji Archipelago is a great place to go if you want to see outdoor wildlife and particularly if you want to do sailing, diving, and snorkeling. The stunning group of islands serves as the ideal backdrop for these maritime adventures. An experienced diver or tour guide can help you observe the extraordinary marine life that exists below the surface of the water. A number of the creatures you will encounter are endemic to this area and are not present elsewhere. After a diving session, you might want to relax and unwind on the beach and get a tan. It’s one of the must-include destinations on your Fiji yacht trip.


Trailing and Dancing

You can go on nature paths if you’re more of an adventurous tourist. The Vidawa Forest National Park is a beautiful place in Fiji. You might catch a peek at a few of the distinctive local fauna, such as fruit bats. These sightings will undoubtedly delight any lover of the outdoors. When dusk settles into the evenings, you can watch the Meke, the region’s national dance. The natives clothe in their traditional attire, which consists of grass skirts. The dancers move to the beat while drums bang in the distance. Have a little liquor and bring yourself to dance alongside them for an ultimate experience to remember.


Rafting Expeditions

You might want to leave your yacht a bit and try your hand at rafting. Several rafting excursions are offered on the daily. These bamboo rafts are simple yet sturdy, but steering it might come as quite a challenge. With many rivers flowing from the highlands, there’s no shortage of rivers that you can explore. Your already amazing Fiji boat charter will get even more interesting with this adventure. Marvel in the region’s varied scenery and wildlife while rafting its waters. Fiji takes pride in its rich history and you might want to go deep into the country’s roots by exploring its excellent museums.


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