Private Jet Charter for Business Trips

Private jet; convenient luxury travelWe know it, you’re busy. You’re in a hurry and you’re in dire need of comfortable working space while you travel. With all the crowds, long queues, and cramped coach, commercial airlines just won’t do. Change the way you fly and charter a private jet with us for your business trips for your future business days.

A chartered jet is the single most convenient way to fully travel on your terms. Take control of your productivity and be the boss of your flight schedule. We’ll show you how the benefits truly outweigh the costs.

There’s a myriad of reasons why the opulent business folk choose to fly private aircraft instead of first-class or business in traditional commercial airlines. Business travelers know the secret: privacy, comfort, and a whole lot of productivity.

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Heightened Productivity through Privacy

One of the most appealing privileges, when you fly via a chartered jet, is privacy. With privacy comes security and focus, and along with it, productivity. A private plane gives you the peace and quiet that you so well need to work on that presentation or to review the company’s endeavors. Conduct your phone calls and business meetings high up in the air in complete privacy. The sensitive and confidential information that you need to discuss is out of anyone’s earshot and you’re given the luxury to be productive to your heart’s content.


A Premium Office in the Air

Well-to-do companies and the affluent individuals that run them need to be in office 24/7. When you fly privately, you avail yourself of an extension of your office, an annex if you may, where you can request a cup of coffee and work away. Traveling takes a chunk of your limited schedule but it sure doesn’t have to. At Luxe Travel Concierge, we’re familiar with your need for a premium space for work. Business executives can go about their day with absolute efficiency, and senior management officers are able to meet strict deadlines just like they’d do when they’re in the office. Another cuppa joe, please!


Luxurious Travel Mode

It’s time-saving and efficient, flexible and comfortable. There’s no better way to fly from city to city to get you to all the places you need to be. The luxury of a private jet is synonymous with the luxury of time on your hands. Skip the long queues at security and avoid the crowds waiting for their luggage. We’ll make sure you’re well-rested and on time for your next business meeting whether in-flight or to your destination city. Private airport lounges are also some of the perks when you fly an exclusive chartered flight.


We value the quality of your flying experience just as much as your destination. Hiring a private jet is easier than you think. At Luxe Travel Concierge, we have access to some of the world’s most luxurious aircraft so you can work and rest as you fly. Allow us to take care of all the demanding business trip details so you can focus on the important things. Leave it all to us. We love our clients and we’re here to spoil you.

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