Reasons to Visit Zurich—Europe’s Most Expensive City

Visit Zurich cityZurich, the paradise of fondue, chocolate, and money.


There are innumerable incredible places to visit, but Switzerland consistently finds its place at the top of the list. This deceptively small European country boasts stunning scenery, affluent lifestyles, and immaculately conserved cultural treasures. But which Swiss region should you visit? While each city and town has its own distinct charm, Zurich stands out as a top must-visit location.

The city, which is situated in Northern Switzerland and skirts the banks of Lake Zürich, is regarded as one of Europe’s most attractive and livable places owing to its architectural splendor, an abundance of greeneries, and some of the world’s freshest air.

The financial center of Switzerland, Zurich is fittingly renowned for its atmosphere of luxury. There is no denying that Zurich is an expensive and extravagant city. It has everything from high-end shops and fine-dining restaurants to lavish hotels and exclusive nightclubs. The affluent folk adore the city because of the sense of opulence in naturally emanates.

Listed below are some reasons to visit the lovely city of Zurich, Switzerland, whether you have one day, one month, or all the available time in the world.


1. International Palates at the Finest Restaurants

The culinary scene in Zurich is exceptional. The original recipe for the classic Swiss cheese fondue was penned in the city, making it the most ideal city to visit if you’re looking to taste the most authentic of them all. Then again, Swiss food consists of more than merely cheese and chocolate. Zurich is the place to discover and get a taste of everything Swiss.

The Zurcher Geschnetzeltes, which means “meat sliced the Zurich way,”, is one of the must-try specialties. It is often made with slices of veal that have been simmered in a sauce made from cream, wine, onions, and mushrooms. A good pot of Zürcher Eintopf, consisting of meat and veggies in white wine, is simply heavenly in the cool Swiss weather.

Additionally, Zurich is home to almost 150 Michelin restaurants, so if you’re looking for a more upscale eating experience, this city is guaranteed to provide what your palate is looking for.

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2. Museums and Art Galleries Galore

Zurich is a gateway to the world’s documented culture. Tourists can gorge on history, art, culture, and everything else in between owing to over 50 museums and a hundred art exhibitions in the area. Zurich is also home to several of Switzerland’s finest museums. While its Museum of Fine Arts displays a selection of the finest works of art from Switzerland and throughout the globe, the Swiss National Museum is the ideal site to learn about the nation’s extensive history.

There are also several of the more unusual museums, such as the Cabaret Voltaire, which is devoted to the Dada art movement, and the Moulagenmuseum themed to depictions of illnesses in art. There are also fourteen engaging, child-friendly museums that are perfect for family holidaymakers and will delight all ages.


3. Shopping Stroll at Bahnhofstrasse

Plenty of the most high-end stores and boutiques can be found along a mile-long stretch of Bahnhofstrasse. Even without stepping into any of the stores, the street is itself an extremely popular tourist spot. It’s the sort of traffic-free area that’s ideal for a stroll in the afternoon, particularly when all the amazing window displays are illuminated to entice customers inside.

Europe’s most premium commercial area is flocked on this single street alone. Along with being incredibly extravagant, the shops are also surrounded by casually parked Ferraris and Lamborghinis. A shopping spree at Bahnhofstrasse is a luxurious experience itself, not everybody can afford to depart the lovely alleys with bags and bags of brand-new clothing, shoes, and jewelry.


4. A Dip and Drink at One of the Badis

Switzerland is a place of rivers and lakes, and luckily for Zurich, it’s plenty of both. Limmat River and Lake Zurich are some of the city’s best places to unwind. Both tourists and residents can frequently be seen strolling, riding bikes, or enjoying a picnic by the lake.

Take a cruise along these famed spots to make the most out of the crystal-clear, aquamarine waters. But for an experience quite unique to Zurich, indulge in the numerous Badis located across the city. These are outdoor swimming areas where people may simply jump into the waters to enjoy the pleasant summer weather. The majority of these Badis have bars, and a number of them transform into full-on nightspots after nightfall.


5. Relive History in Old Town

Switzerland has done a fantastic job of safeguarding its past. This is evident in Zurich’s surroundings and architecture, but a walk around Old Town is the perfect way to experience and relive the city’s past. The Old Town is the biggest tourist area of the city, and River Limmat snakes through it.

The public park of Lindenhof Hill has been designated as a Swiss Heritage Site. It’s located on the west bank and is declared as so, owing to breathtaking aerial views over the entire city of Zurich. It has become one of the most popular locations in the city and tourists flock to the park for the panoramic views. The Niederdorfstrasse, a pedestrian area on the eastern side, is surrounded by stores during the day and delightful pubs at night.

Historic buildings that bear witness to the city’s beginnings line the picturesque streets. St. Peter Church, Zurich’s oldest parish, the Giacometti Murals, one of the city’s most recognizable symbols, and the Grossmünster are a few of the must-visit locations.


Zurich is considerably more than just a commercial and finance center. Underneath all of its richness lies a city with a rich history and a young urban populace that enjoys the finest things in life at their fingertips.

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