Sailing Around Vancouver Island

Discover Vancouver Island


The largest island off the west coast of North America is Vancouver—a boater’s ultimate dream come true. It offers an array of views and experiences any sailor enthusiast could ever imagine.

Wanting to laze away and view spectacular sunsets? Aching to experience the thrill of sailing along a pod of dolphins? Or are you more of a curious adventure? Then the cryptic ancient petroglyphs ashore will suit your fancy. You’ve been told, Vancouver Island has it all and it will take months for you to truly take in and discover everything that the island has to offer.

While sailing around the island, expect to find deep blue waters framing the lush evergreen forests that backdrop your voyage from all over. The picturesque region lures sailors to its sheltered bays and craggy inlets to provide a safe anchor.

Marine wildlife thrives along the coast and at sea: bald eagles flying overhead, sea otters floating on their backs, harbor seals plopping themselves around, and killer whales jumping waters from afar. Many anchorages can be explored around the island such as the bustling Gulf Islands, the wilderness of Discovery Passage, and the breathtaking sceneries of Johnstone Strait, among many others


City of Victoria

The capital of Vancouver Island, Victoria, has become a popular tourist destination for sailors. Thanks to its rich British ancestry, astonishing architecture, and lovely harbor, it has also been dubbed the boating capital of the entire British Columbia region. Not only that, but Victoria is high up on the rank of the world’s most beautiful small cities. The city is an ideal starting point for exploring the island so make sure to enjoy a morning on the waterfront of Victoria before exploring the island’s coasts and caves ahead.

Gulf Islands

The verdant forested Gulf Islands is a destination that offers many excellent anchorages for your yacht. It’s a great place to sail into if you want to get away from the hubbub of the metro with its teeming wildlife, abundant greeneries, and plentiful coastal activities. If you seek a sheltered anchorage with great resorts, then try Bedwell Harbor just off South Pender Island. But if you’re looking to indulge in an ultimate nature experience, then try the small Cabbage Island that will give you plenty of natural harbors and quiet spots to anchor.

Discovery Passage

Linking the Strait of Georgia and Johnstone Strait is the body of sea that is Discovery Passage. It’s a lengthy, narrow stretch where casual boaters turn around. However, more-experienced mariners take the congested waters and their strong current as a challenge. The passage sustains an array of marine life and various species of fish, invertebrates, and even the elusive giant pacific octopus takes shelter in the nutrient-rich waters. The challenge proves to be worth it though since the Discovery Passage is only the beginning of a wilder experience, towards the deep Desolation Sound.

Desolation Sound

A highly-popular kayak and boating destination, Desolation Sound is a deep-water sound located at the north end of the Salish Sea and Sunshine Coast. Its exceptionally warm waters make it great for swimming (even as early as May!) and the breathtaking mountain views as you kayak are incomparable. Truly, the sound is a paddler’s paradise. The optimal months to cruise around the sound is July to August since this period offers perfect weather and atmosphere to sail. Animal life in the Sound is as diverse as it gets so a cruise allows you to birdwatch and even see a few bears and deer. When night falls, the bioluminescent phenomena on the waters will make the perfect spectacular end to your cruise.


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