Sailing Through the US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands crusing


A new hotspot for yacht charters in the Caribbean has been all the rage as of late: we welcome you to the white sand beaches and deep-water harbors of the US Virgin Islands. The archipelago is comprised of three major islands Saint Thomas, Saint John, and Saint Croix. Each island promises something unique and is simply waiting to be discovered.


The Rock City, Saint Thomas

Towards the North end is Saint Thomas, the most visited among the three. It has a naturally deep harbor with calm waters and steady winds, making it idyllic for cruising through the Caribbean waters. Saint Thomas also serves as the gateway to the rest of the archipelago, where the nation’s bustling capital city, Charlotte Amelie, is located.

The city is lush with colorful folktales and myths of pirates, especially the infamous Bluebeard. Thanks to the natural depth of its harbor, the capital is a major cruise ship port that offers multiple opulent options for dining, shopping, and entertainment to sailors and tourists alike.

Saint Thomas is nicknamed Rock City for a reason: it’s essentially just one big mountain. So if you’re seeking a bit of vibrant and refreshing adventure, then the island’s highest point, Mountain Top, should more than satisfy. The place is famous for its banana daiquiri made with locally-made rum, which you can enjoy while indulging in the beautiful view of the verdant island and the turquoise blue seas of Magen Bay.


Saint John, the City of Love

The neighboring, laidback island of Saint John is the smallest of the three. Despite its size, it’s a protected gem recognized as one of the most beautiful places on earth, thanks to its profusely green hills, picturesque beaches, and stunning aquamarine waters. It’s best famed for Trunk Bay, the most pristine in all of the Caribbean, home to refined powdery sands and spectacular coral reefs.

To boot, two-thirds of Saint John Island is considered a national park, religiously preserving its natural beauty while offering hiking trails and snorkeling safaris to tourists. It’s nicknamed Love City since its size allows for the intimate community of four thousand residents to welcome tourists with friendly arms. It’s long considered an under-appreciated spot compared to its immense beauty, under-the-radar, yet a go-to place where couples travel to get married.


The Twin City of Saint Croix

The southmost of the three US Virgin Islands would be Saint Croix. It’s an idyllic Caribbean destination if you want history, nature, adventure, and relaxation. Picturesque old sugar mills dot the island’s landscape, remnants of the island’s bustling heritage, back when “sugar was king”. Its secluded beaches offer privacy and its infinite blue waters will soothe all kinds of tired.

Aside from sipping rum-based drinks and digging your feet into the heavenly white sand, the island is also a hotspot for snorkelers and divers alike because of the thriving coral reefs that surround the island. It gained the nickname Twin City after its two main towns, Christiansted, the largest town where lodging, food, and entertainment options are plenty, and Frederiksted, the Western coast with the quiet beach life vibe.

One of the most important beaches can be found here, Buck Island, since it’s where Hawksbill and leatherback turtles lay their eggs year by year.


The Private Islands Little and Great Saint James

Behold, two exclusive private islands join the three major islands as part of your next yacht charter destination. In the heart of the Virgin Islands Saint Thomas and John sit the Great and Little Saint James Islands. Great Saint James, the larger of the two, is merely 5 minutes away from the bays of Saint Thomas. Little Saint James, on the other hand, has a main villa-style compound with four guest villas and three secluded beaches. Two swimming pools and a private dock, along with a tiki hut, helipad, and gas station are among the amenities available in the area.


No doubt, the US Virgin Islands offer so many unique things to tourists and travelers alike. And there’s no better way to enjoy its natural beauty than via yacht charter. The best time to cruise in this part of the Caribbean would be from December to April. With the most abundant wild- and marine life around, exploring the archipelago is a luxurious privilege waiting for you to experience.

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