Shelter in Chateau Marmont: A Haven in the City of Angels

Chateau Marmont hotel Los Angeles

“If you want to be seen, go to the Beverly Hills Hotel. If you don’t want to be seen, go to Chateau Marmont.”


Sunshine and celebrities—Los Angeles is famed for its Hollywood stars, entertainment industry, and popular vacation spots. It’s the largest city in California state and the second-largest city in the entire United States.

The sunny and warm metropolitan is home to exceptional restaurants, palm-lined beaches, and diverse art and culture. From fast-paced city life in the big city to a more chill, laidback West Coast mood, Los Angeles is the place to go—the city offers a little bit of everything you will ever want.

With the mention of famed personas, Los Angeles and luxury go hand-in-hand. Celebrities crowd in restaurants and clubs, and five-star hotels become a congregation of the opulent lot. And among their most-raved getaway spots is the notorious Chateau Marmont, home of secret celebrity scandal, and once stated as “The hotel where you can do anything you want”…


Perched on the edge of Sunset Boulevard, the Chateau is nicknamed the playground of Hollywood stars and actors. It offered an always-open, safe haven for celebrities and famed faces alike who value quiet, comfort, and privacy over glamor. The hotel is indeed a storied icon, with legends and hushed stories of celebrity activity making up its walls. It’s not for any normal people at all—the Chateau is well-loved by the Hollywood tribe, drawn to its history, promise of discretion, and air of mystery and mischief.

The no-tell motel first opened its doors to the public in 1929, it was initially presented as Hollywood’s newest and most exclusive apartment house for celebrities. Its strategic location at the edge of Sunset Strip makes the hotel a good choice: close enough to businesses yet far enough to ensure privacy. It continues to be Hollywood’s hotspot at present being home to the biggest issues that ever surfaced in Hollywood.

The hotel is considered small, with only over sixty residential spaces including rooms and suites in the main castle and hillside cottages and bungalows. With paparazzi banned from the premises, the hotel has indeed become a haven for celebrities to let all hang loose. The rooms have become both short-term and long-term residences for A-list celebrities for decades, such as Dennis Hopper, Billy Idol, fated Jim Belushi, Heath Ledger, Scarlett Johansson, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, and Britney Spears (who was reportedly booted out for boorish table manners.)  Music icons Beyonce and Jay-Z also famously threw one of the hotel’s biggest parties on the night of the Oscars for an exclusive selected hundred and fifty guests.

Guests can enjoy not only the hotel’s 80-year celebrity history, but other amenities also make the hotel a classic icon of luxury as well. There’s personalized stationery for each guest, 24-hour shoe shine service, and maid service twice a day. Two most-excellent restaurants can also be enjoyed, with intimate indoor dining and a perfect garden terrace to complete your American, all-Hollywood gastronomic experience.


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