Snow Polo World Cup in St. Moritz, Switzerland

The Snow Polo World Cup in St Moritz! It might be the soaring mountains that flank the landing approach or the crisp mountain air that greets you as you go outside. Whatever it is, there is an immediate and obvious feeling of exclusivity at the Samedan airport in Switzerland. One of the highest and most scenic airports in all of Europe is located here, positioned high in the Alps just three miles from the town of St. Moritz.

The alpine resort is frequented by the elite and is most easily accessed via helicopter or private aircraft. Likewise, it’s one hell of an airport to land on, a fact the pilot will only reveal after having landed successfully. Despite the difficulty, this winter paradise with a height of 2000 meters is worth it. After all, it allows for spectacular scenery and a tranquil environment readily enjoyed from any angle.

With St. Moritz comes snow polo, one and the same. Fans and participants of the sport shouldn’t miss Snow Polo St. Moritz: every January, teams from all corners of the world participate on the frozen Lake St. Moritz for the prestigious Cartier Trophy and other coveted prizes.


History of St. Moritz Polo

The sport has been conducted and birthed into existence in 1985, with St. Moritz hosting the first and finest snow polo competitions in the world. The most recent 2022 World Cup took place from January 28 until January 30, 2022. Polo is nicknamed the sport of kings for centuries now since the royal crowd is known to have exclusively enjoyed it for entertainment. The game has always had a glamorous flair since it has always belonged to the wealthy, well-known, and privileged few. And since it’s nestled in a stunning natural location, Snow Polo St. Moritz radiates a distinct atmosphere both on and off the playing field. Witness the majestic game of royals only in St. Moritz Switzerland.


Travel, Tickets, and Tents

Although there is no charge for admission, participants and audiences alike have paid a lot to simply attend. Many travel through Samedan (the closest commercial airport is three hours away) and spend far more for a guestroom than is typical. The VIP tent at the event area offers a haven from the freezing elements, a sumptuous lunch buffet, and unlimited champagne for about $700 per person. However, if you want to get up close and personal with the competitive polo action, you need a ticket to enter the grandstand, purchasable at the Perrier-Jout Chukker Club. By mid-morning, the grandstands are packed and champagne flutes, oysters, and soft blankets are being distributed generously.


The Polo Action

The intense rivalry is undeniable during matches. Players frequently fall off their mounts and onto the rough, unforgiving ice, making the audience groan and wince. The distinctive red inflatable ball used in snow polo is larger and moves considerably slower than a regular ball. At times, it’s as if even the most professional players are unfamiliar with it.


Post-Polo Party

The celebration mood carries over from the ice into town at the end of the day. The best cafes and restaurants are completely booked, and the pubs are lively with chatter and music. T the storied Badrutt’s Palace is where the VIP action is, as it holds a black-tie event on Saturday night for the most important visiting dignitaries and the polo players themselves.

Many others seek refuge in St. Moritz’s lavish fine dining scene. The K by Mauro Colagreco restaurant at the Kulm Hotel is among the most well-known places. It has one Michelin star and offers a taste of the Cote d’Azur at temperatures that are below freezing. Tropics in the Swiss, anyone?


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