Splendid Savoy, London’s First Deluxe Hotel

Classic Savoy hotel LonndonIdeally located along the River Thames and just a few steps away from the bustling entertainment center that is Covent Garden district, Savoy Hotel has stood at the forefront of luxurious hotels for over 130 years. This icon in London’s West End offers a glimpse back into the Edwardian era for its lavish rooms and suites.

Being the first luxury hotel in Britain, a night in the hotel will definitely go down in your personal history of best hotel stays.

Amenities offered by The Savoy are as luxurious as it gets: the rooms in art deco-fashion have minibars and marble bathrooms that come with designer toiletries. The suites have the additional privilege of obliging butler service plus an exquisite view of the river from some of the rooms.



Built with the intention to become the first symbol of hospitality opulence in Britain, The Savoy continues to set new standards for comfort, service, and luxury. Aptly named to commemorate the royal history of the estate, it was natural for the hotel to attract the similarly affluent and prominent lot.


First Impression

As impressive as when it was first built in 1889, The Savoy London remains a classic getaway located in the city’s beating heart. It is indeed a historic landmark, with decades of history written within its walls and adding to the character and legend of the character’s colorful history. It is where Audrey Hepburn found shelter and safety when she went incognito, and Marilyn Monroe added her flair of interest when she debuted her controversial midriff-baring outfits. A building as steeped in history as The Savoy can only communicate one thing: your stay in the hotel will be as memorable, too.



The feel for each room variably changes: English Edwardian, sensational art deco, and even calming contemporary. Yet one thing is common among all rooms: its smart arrangement and a strikingly light and airy ambiance that demands relaxation and serenity. The hotel offers over 250 rooms and suites with a breathtaking city skyline and the Thames just across, not to mention iconic London landmarks that are a few strides away.

Its impeccable Royal Suite, the Savoy’s crowning glory, is as enchanting as the 1920s. Its double doors will lead you to the full wonder within: each living, dining, bathing, and sleeping section of the suite is spacious and generous, nothing short of a truly opulent getaway. Those who settle comfortably in the many suites to choose from enjoy the discretion and devotion of traditional English butlers with the competence of a 21st-century attendant.

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