Switzerland’s Hotel President Wilson

President Wilson hotel penthouse


Switzerland, The Playground of Europe

Imagine Switzerland, and your mind will bring you to the ragged snowy ranges of the Alp mountains. Although officially known as the Swiss Confederation, it’s nicknamed the Playground of Europe because of the winter sports and activities that can be enjoyed in the Alps. The country itself is landlocked with no coastline or seaport, unlike many other luxury destinations such as Dubai or Bali. But there’s so much more that Switzerland can offer, more than its rocky terrain.

Switzerland is synonymous with luxury for many reasons: it’s nicknamed The Land of Milk and Honey because of its reputation for producing fine wine, cheese, and chocolate. The rich and famous flock to Switzerland for their winter vacations for its great ski resorts, picturesque lakes, and Alp mountains. The country is also reputed to be one of the best producers of luxury goods—think brand name watches, Rolex, Chopard, and Omega.

The same affluent lot trusts Switzerland for their treasure. What’s more luxurious than high the level of privacy offered by Swiss banks? You really can’t expect less from the wealthiest country on earth.


Geneva’s Hotel President Wilson

The global city of Geneva, in particular, boasts breathtaking sceneries, deluxe high-quality wines, rich chocolate, and savory mild cheese. To add to the indulgence, if you’re in Geneva and somehow find yourself with $80,000 to splurge for the night, why not repose in the Royal Penthouse of Hotel President Wilson?

The hotel reopened in 1996 and was renamed after Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States, in honor of his contribution to the creation of the League of Nations. It’s a 5-star luxury collection hotel minutes away from the most breathtaking parks and high-end shops along the famed streets of Rue du Rhône, truly a luxury shopper’s paradise.

The hotel faces the touristy Lake Geneva and its backdrop is set against the majestic Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe. Either the lake or the city can be viewed through the hotel’s sight-indulgent floor-to-ceiling windows, simply a luxury to behold.


The Royal Penthouse Suite

If you want to succumb to the ultimate luxury that the hotel can provide, then look no further than its Royal Penthouse Suite. Located on the eighth floor and taking up the space in its entirety at 1,680 square meters, it is famed for being the largest one in Europe and certainly among the most luxurious in the world.

The whole top-floor suite offers a panoramic view over the lake from the Leman lake shore perspective. Make yourself home in any of its 12 luxurious bedrooms with 12 beautifully-marbled bathrooms and bath products to indulge in from no other brand but Hermès! With a jacuzzi bath overlooking the lake, luxury at its finest, indeed!

If service is your concern, then the luxurious furnishing and picturesque views are complemented by the hotel’s very accommodating staff. You’ll get a 24/7 personal assistant, plus a private chef and butler of your own. With security and safety in mind, your personal belongings are right where they are supposed to be. The suite has a fortified safe where you can store your valuables and the private elevator, bulletproof glass, plus all-around-the-clock security will ease your mind and let you focus on what’s truly important: your rest and relaxation.


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