The Basics of Sailing the British Virgin Islands

Go yachting in the gorgeous British Virgin Islands


Yet another gem that dots the Caribbean Sea, the British Virgin Islands is an archipelago of blissful beaches, a lively atmosphere, and dazzling diving sites. Made up of over 50 islands and cays—all white-sand, unspoiled, and blue—it’s the ultimate vacation destination. With Luxe Travel Concierge, we’ll take you from the most secluded islets to the famed full-moon parties on the beaches of Tortola.

The British Virgin Isles make for an idyllic yacht charter destination. Its gentle trade winds, paired with short-leg island voyages plus easy navigation, make it atop the list of the best sailing destinations in the world. Balmy temperatures await year-round, with lush emerald hills rolling into the horizon and white powdery beaches ringing around the islands. And first impressions first, as you steady your sails you’ll be greeted with generous Caribbean warmth by the locals.

A yacht charter allows you the luxury of hopping from one uninhabited island to the next so you could fully discover, snorkel, dive, and swim into the warm Caribbean waters. You’ll be spoiled for the choices of beach resorts and villages, boutiques and restaurants, and even some of the world’s best beach bars.


The Baths

The largest island on the British side of the Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda is the home of the geological wonder that is the Baths. House-sized towering boulders form a labyrinth of paths that lead to secret pools and grottos. Three gorgeous beaches—all with crystalline waters and giant granite boulders—await a reward for adventure-seekers willing to brave the natural obstacle course of boulders, caves, and ladders.


The Flamingos

Sailing to Anegada is quite the long route, but true sailors know it’s well worth the patience and effort. Anegada is a famous stunner: it’s a low-lying coral toll highlighted by a ring of lapping turquoise waters, further surrounded by the 18-mile-long Horseshoe Reef, only the biggest in the Caribbean. The island teems with wildlife and you’ll find your footprints the only pair to walk its sands. The secluded beaches are all yours with only a flamboyance of flamingoes as your audience.


The Painkiller

Fully embrace the beach bar scene at Jost Van Dyke, a fun vibrant island known for the most famous Painkiller Cocktail. The teensy four-mile island is lush with forest-covered peaks of white sand, and the Soggy Dollar Bar at White Bay is the only drinking shack you’ll ever need. The deliciously legendary dark rum cocktail of pineapples, citrus, and cream of coconut, for an ultimate tropical drink that packs a punch. This specialty drink is all over the islands, but having one from its place of origin at the Soggy Dollar Bar makes the difference.

A cruise from December to April is simply the best, as cloudless blue skies extend into the horizon meeting the azure seas halfway. With so many things to do and so many vistas to witness, the British Virgin Islands explodes with a treasure of experiences.


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