The Beauty of Bali and Beyond

Exotic tropical Bali, Indonesia offers some equisite private beaches and VIP treatment, far away from the backpacker holiday crowd!Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago comprised of around 17,500 islands with 7,000 of these uninhabited. It has five principal mainlands and a considerable 30 smaller island clumps. It sits uniquely between the Great Deep Pacific and the vast theater that is the Indian Ocean. The archipelago runs the horizon between two continents, Asia and Oceania, separating the two.

Yet among the thousands of sandy, tropical islands shines a bright jewel in terms of luxury and tourism: Bali.

There’s something so irresistible about Bali, as millions of tourists fly all over the world to visit this idyllic island. Read on to unravel the secrets of Bali’s warm bliss.


1. The Beguiling Beaches

The island life of your dreams is ever closer to your reach with Bali’s plethora of coast choices.

If your choice of relaxation is an exciting adventure, Ungasan’s Blue Point Beach offers a challenge for keen tourists. Its hard-to-find cave beach is accessible through steps and log ramps, making for the perfect little thrill before a satisfying dip. It is indeed a treasure quietly tucked behind a rough limestone formation. Entertainment includes surfing, thanks to its passionate waves, and the surrounding sad is simply blissful for camping and bonfires.

If it’s a quiet time away from the commotion of the city, then Bali’s most beautiful Geger Beach offers just the perfect seclusion and privacy. The beach is an utter haven for swimming and sunbathing. These Nusu Duan waters are calm and safe, much like how you’ll feel when you realize you can peel off your bathing suits and bikinis with no worries in mind! If you want a little chill watersport, Geger Beach is also the place to laze the day away.

If you’re keen on peaceful beaches with matching lofty and rugged mountain ranges for a backdrop, then Gerokgak District’s Pemuteran might be the perfect beach for you. Located remotely northwest of Bali, it’s often overlooked by many travelers. It offers a prime spot for water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. With its scenic beach and picturesque waters, the small fishing village of Pemuteran promises rest and relaxation like no other.


2. The Mighty Mountains

With its towering and scenic mountains, Bali is ideal for adventure seekers. Mount Agung, the highest point on the island of Bali, is an active volcano waiting to be explored. Considered Bali’s roof, Mount Agung is a 5 to 7-hour climb through the Pura Besakih Trail taking you to the rugged open summit.

Mount Batur is yet another well-known destination on the island. Seated in Kintamani District, the active volcano within a caldera only takes two hours to hike and rewards any climber with a view into the crater and turquoise waters of the caldera lake, Lake Batur, below. The summit of Mount Batur is also a great spot for sunrise viewing over its neighboring mountains, Mount Agung in the East and Mount Abang in the West. 

If you enjoy the scenic view of the mountains but feel uneasy about climbing, then a visit to Kintamani Highlands is for you. Its main attraction is a view of the crater lake and Mount Batur, both of which are set within a surrounding wide volcanic caldera. Just further northwest is one of the most important temples on the island of Bali: Pura Ulun Danau Batur. Activities in the area include canoeing the pristine waters of Lake Batur. The cool weather is also perfect for walking or going on cycling tours around the villages. Hot springs also abound, and you can soak in lakeside views in Toya Bungkah village to contrast the frequent chilly days. Finally, many coffee plantations can be found on the side of the road leading up to Kintamani via Tampaksiring. The plantations offer free coffee tasting to completely warm your body and heart.


3. The Complex Cuisine

A taste of Balinese cuisine is the perfect cherry to top off your Bali adventures. Indonesian cuisine, in general, exhibits a complex range of flavors and aromas, all rich and mouthwatering. Thanks to a great deal of ingredients such as coconut milk, local herbs, and spices, the dishes in Bali have intricate tropical flavors. A significant part of Balinese cuisine takes its roots from indigenous cooking methods and traditions along with Indonesian regional cuisine, with influences of Chinese and Indian taste.

Steamed rice is a staple in Asian culinary, and it is reflected in Balinese cooking. Some Indonesian national dishes that can be tasted anywhere in Bali are gado-gado, nasi goreng, and rendang.

Gado-gado is a salad of blanched vegetables, boiled eggs and potatoes, fried tofu, lotong, and tempeh. It’s served with a peanut-based sauce dressing. Nasi goreng is the Indonesian take on the classic fried rice, its flavor is mainly driven by a ubiquitous sweet soy sauce or kecap manis and shrimp paste or terasi. Bali’s drier version of curry, rendang’s sauce is simmered until it’s barely there, distilled and sticking to the meat. It’s a hot and spicy flavorful dish that can be adjusted according to your preference with just a few or more chilies.


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