The Captivating Caribbean

Captivating Caribbean GetawaysEl Caribe or the Caribbean is a sun-soaked region of the Americas comprised of the Caribbean Sea, 13 countries, and over 700 islands, reefs, and cays. With its bountiful velvety sands, coconut-lush hills, and overgrown valleys of bananas and sugarcane, it’s no surprise that the Caribbean has long been a go-to for lavish holidays in the Americas. Forget the bitter cold weather and gloomy days of the northern hemisphere and indulge in the warm blue waters, poolside cocktails, and golden beaches that the Caribbean has to offer.

With so many breathtaking islands to choose from, you might find yourself in desperate agony. Should you choose the dramatic scenery of St. Lucia? Will you settle in the pristine waters of Barbados, the birthplace of rum? Or should you sway to the reggae beat of mountainous Jamaica? Then again, there’s no point in choosing if you want to splurge and satiate your senses by taking a luxurious Caribbean cruise to visit some of the most popular islands in the tropical archipelagic paradise that is the Caribbean. Our luxury concierge service will help you with all the travel planning that needs to be done.


The Beaches

It’s no question, the Caribbean islands have an outstanding reputation for their fine sandy beaches. This region also referred to as the West Indies, is synonymous with spectacular scenery, along with picturesque islands and islets. It seems that the options are endless, so which sandy strips should you stop by first?

First on many lists is the Turks and Caicos Islands. This group of islands boasts a bevy of deluxe hotels and the ultimate exclusive and secluded getaway from your restless lifestyle. The U.S. Virgin Islands also offers an exploration into the colonial history of the islands, along with stilt-walker dancers at Carnival parades. Anguilla, another premium island for an authentic pampering and nature experience, is filled with coral-lined waters, unpaved dirt roads, and, beachfront villas with a few treats such as the best live music from the West.

So even if you’re not the type of tourist who spends hours relaxing by the beach, the seemingly-unreal beaches of the Caribbean might change your mind. There’s surely something to find and revel in for everyone. The best thing about these beaches? They’re lovely to enjoy all year round! What’s more captivating than an eternal tropical paradise?


The Accommodations

An exclusive view of alabaster sand and turquoise waters—you might think these advertisements on TV and travel guides are photoshopped, exceeding normal limits of saturation and vibrance. Yet an array of luxurious Caribbean resorts humbly brags of this natural scenery like it’s nothing. And if style and comfort are your priority, there’s an endless list of spectacular resorts to choose from. Or if you prefer a more private and undisturbed experience, villas are the home away from home for you. If you’re torn on which resorts to indulge in, try these two Caribbean resorts with a 98% rating.

Ranking first on many Travel websites is Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa. Located in the wonderful Grande Cul de Sac Beach in St. Bart’s, it’s a sophisticated resort that recently opened in 2016. The service is very French and very chic at that, with food options varied and refined. Activities like kayaking, windsurfing, or snorkeling can be thoroughly enjoyed within the premises. Coming second would be Rosewood Little Dix Bay, a magical landscape in Virgin Gorda Island, that looks straight out of your dream getaway Pinterest board. The resort also offers yard-grown fruits and vegetables, sustained by a farm-to-fork system making sure that you dine nothing short of great. The entire property looks and feels like it sprung out of the sandy beaches since the resort’s aesthetic greatly emphasizes non-intrusive relaxation. To top it off, you will be able to rest easy for your entire stay since you will be endowed with a trusty butler who will cater your transactions for you.

The West Indies also offers diversity in terms of accommodations: there’s an abundance of luxury holiday experiences in St. Lucia, bird-watching getaways in Dominica, and boating holidays in the Grenadines. Each island really offers something unique and interesting for every kind of traveler.


Festivals and Carnivals Galore

Summer festivals are nothing new to the Caribbean since it’s an all-year-round summer paradise. These festivals are closely tied to the varied culture, history, and character of the countries within the Caribbean islands. There is infinite fun and enough music, colors, and partying to heat up the towns and beaches. These spectacular events are filled with dancing, merrymaking, and drinking making it near impossible not to indulge in the festivities. Even the festivals are nothing alike and any guest can choose to participate in the celebrations that ring true to their personality and interests. Here are three of the biggest Caribbean festivals that will rock your next getaway.

First, to top the list is Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival, an annual fair just before Ash Wednesday, filled with vibrant costumes and exuberant street parades. It’s best paired with calypso music, initially formulated to symbolize the hardship of enslavement. If you’re into music, then the biggest Reggae festival, Jamaica’s Reggae Sumfest will get you rolling into Jamaican vibe, cuisine, and a week-long music celebration. Imagine dusk till dawn Coachella but in the taste of the Caribbeans! To seal the list is Barbados’ Crop Over Festival, a 3-month long summer extravaganza of the harvesting of sugar crops, rum, and the Bajan culture. Thousands of travelers and tourists flock from all over the world to witness the Grand Kadooment, a parade of sequins, feathers, and colorful masquerades.

Rooted in the freedom of the entire Caribbean diaspora after the struggles endured by their ancestors, the diverse Caribbean people extend their culture and history to any curious reveler through its fanciest, most extravagant festivities. If lively relaxation is your game, then exhale all your worries and celebrate along to the music and dancing.


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