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The world’s most expensive hotels are luxury destinations that offer the elite their very own private worlds. The suites, penthouses, and hotel rooms have become more luxurious, personal, and extravagant than ever before. The good news is that some of these ultra-luxury structures can be yours for the night at a beginning price of $50,000.

If you’ve been meaning to know what it feels like to sleep and dine and live like a jet setter, or if you’re looking to splurge a little more money for a special occasion–a milestone of a birthday or a significant anniversary, then the world’s most expensive hotels might be exactly what you need. These over-the-top deluxe hotels will surely blow your mind (and budget!) but there’s nothing that compares to playing king-and-queen and basking in full luxury. With a unique lifestyle management concierge service like us, your dreams of royalty is sure to become reality.


The Republic of Maldives

Maldives is one of the ultimate tropical beach destinations in the world. An independent island country floating in the north-central Indian Ocean, it’s renowned for generous reasons: aesthetic wood bridges overlooking the pristine beaches, vibrant Maldivian culture and food reminiscent of Arabic, Indian, and oriental palates, premium accommodation, and an overall quality experience. With a chain of over 1,200 coral islands, isles, islets, sandbanks, and atolls, the stunning Maldive Islands offer a breathtaking escapade to behold. Apart from its sprawling natural sceneries, Maldives is also popular for underwater sports and adventure activities that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages.


The Conrad Rangali Island Hotel

Rangali Island is located on one of Maldive’s atolls, Alif Dhaal. The Conrad is located on this very island with over a hundred fifty rooms to boot. Not only has it been voted the best hotel in the world, but it has rightfully earned this recognition twice! Maldives’ Conrad Rangal Island Hotel is a hotspot for celebrities and very important persons alike. With a promising unparalleled island splendor, Conrad’s symbol of luxury, the Muraka, is an experience way out of this world.


The Muraka, Conrad’s Most Lavish

The word Muraka is the Dhivehi term for coral. Aptly termed as such, it is indeed a first-of-its-kind, innovative luxury two-level residence. Its master bedroom is uniquely submerged 16 feet under sea level in the warm, vast theater that is the Indian Ocean. It’s connected to the mainland via a walkway and is definitely something straight out of your Pinterest boards, the epitome of ocean getaway luxury.

As mentioned, there are two levels to the sumptuous residence: the upper and lower level.

The dining and living areas are found on the upper deck, with two guest bedrooms, and an outdoor deck with an infinite pool. Its single bathroom includes a bathtub with a stunning view of the ocean. The service also peaks grandeur, with access to the service of a 24-hour butler.

Beneath the ocean is where the party starts. After making your way down the lower level, the magnificent view of your exclusive underwater aquarium greets you. It’s an architectural splendor: a 180-degree curved dome that allows a full view of the majestic blue waters of the Indian Ocean complete with marine life, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a walk-in closet.

With seamless above and below-ocean experience, the Muraka is surely an experience you’ll never forget for only $50,000 a night. However, there’s a minimum stay requirement of four nights, so you’re actually looking at a whopping $200,000 experience.


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