The Four Seasons of New York

Four Seasons-Midtown Manhattan New York NYC


New York City

Among the 50 states of the U.S., New York is one of the key players in its economic, cultural, and business development. Being the largest metropolitan in terms of size and population, it’s no wonder that a booming city like New York would be synonymous with money and fame, especially luxury. The City of Dreams is home to one of the U.S.’s most expensive hotel suites and penthouses: The Four Seasons Hotel.


Four Seasons New York

Luxury might be an overused term, especially in the hospitality industry. But behold, the Four Seasons Hotel spells a different kind of city luxury. Quoting their website, meaningful, personalized, and warm luxury is their love language. And with an architectural and artistic masterpiece of a building such as Four Seasons, this luxury is more evident than ever.

There’s a reason why the Four Seasons New York is considered an architectural icon; it’s the tallest all-hotel building in the city soaring 52 stories into the heavens. A cultural icon as well since it’s only a few steps away from the city’s true and authentic neighborhoods. The hotel is located in Manhattan, fondly called “Billionaires’ Row”, one of New York’s most prestigious and premiere locations. It’s an urban chic 5-star hotel that stands between avenues Park and Madison. Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art, and Rockefeller Center are also close by, being just a couple more strides away. The hotel promises an unparalleled view of the city and its sprawling park all in the comfort and luxury that only the Four Seasons Hotel can offer.

The hotel also offers some of the most spacious residences in New York City: the rooms average a generous 600 square feet. Not to mention, all of them have walk-in closets and infinity beds that seem to float above the floor. The rooms also feature a deep-soaking bathtub that you can soak in after 60 seconds, indeed a most-welcome luxury after spending the day out and about the city.


Ty Warner Penthouse

Topping the many lists of deluxe hotel suites and penthouses is the luxury hotel suite, Ty Warner Penthouse. The one-of-a-kind penthouse atop the Four Seasons Hotel offers a 360-panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline, allowing you to witness through its cantilevered glass balconies New York in all its forms: uptown, midtown, and downtown sceneries.

Less suite and more of a castle in the clouds, the Ty Warner Penthouse allows multiple rooms of customized and commissioned luxury from many big names in the art and architectural industry. The walls are hand-lacquered and in-laid with mother of pearl by the infamous American artist, Nancy Lorenz. Claude and Francois Xavier Lalanne, respectable French sculptors, also collaborated on the project with floor-to-ceiling bookcases with intricate vine leaf details. And if it’s not enough luxury, the canopy of the master’s bedroom is made of lustrous Thai silk embedded with 22-carat pure gold strings and threads. It can be considered a multi-layered, multi-faceted work of art in the form of a room—all yours for only $60,000 per night.


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