The French Riviera—Your Guide to the Superyacht Mecca

From bustling ports to secluded beaches, there’s nothing that parallels a yachting vacation. It’s over-the-top lavish, exclusive, and highly liberating. And what’s a good holiday but one where you can completely undress your inhibitions and spend a little private time? Chartering a yacht affords you the luxury of just that.

One of the most luxurious destinations for a boating trip would be none other than the French Riviera. Nicknamed a superyacht mecca season after season, it has grown to become well-loved by the opulent crowd. But the French Riviera’s significance in the yachting world is no news, the region has been luring in the rich and famous as early as the 20th century!

It’s the world’s busiest waters in the summer, attracting about three-fourths of the entire yacht chartering business. Being nicknamed the playground of the wealthy further adds to its fame and opulence, and has strengthened its spot as a top luxury holiday destination.

Located in the South of France, the seemingly endless coastline faces the Mediterranean Sea. It runs from the bustling port city of Toulon, widely famed as a naval base, to the scenic port of Menton, the pearl of France, neatly nestled between the mountains and the sea. The stretch of sands and beaches include the following enticing French towns: Nice, the French Rivera’s capital; Cannes, the heart of cinema and film; St. Tropez, a charming city of laidback luxury, plus the independent state of Monaco also famed as the billionaires’ playground.

Cruising through the French Riviera will simply spoil your senses! With charming seaside towns to visit, rich Grecian and Romanic histories to unveil, and sumptuous food and wine from one port city to the next, the French Riviera offers the luxury to indulge in the endless vacation options it extends.



Yachting Amenities and Marinas

There’s a reason why the French Riviera has become one of the most scenic destinations in Europe where superyachts lobby. While the sunny beaches and incredible landscape is enough reason to fall in love with the region, its postcard-worthy marinas also share some of the credit. Won’t you just love to laze the day away and watch beautiful boats come and go? There are many marinas along the coast on which you can berth your lovely yachts.


Menton Garavan Marina

One of the biggest Marinas along the French Riviera with 770 berths is the Port de Menton Garavan. It was first inaugurated in 1967 and continues to thrive as France’s most amazing town to behold. While not as famous as its Saint Tropez and Monaco sisters, the port nestled just beside the Italian border offer its own charm and allure. Its landscapes are picturesque, with a color palette that shifts harmoniously from Mediterranean blues to warm sandy tones of Belle Epoque buildings. Additionally, it’s awarded the Blue Flag label, a badge of environmental honor, making it a well-adored marina throughout the world.


Cassis Marina

The Marina off Cassis is a lead destination for holiday-makers and sailing enthusiasts. It’s located in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône and is a quaint, modest fishing, commercial, and marina port. Due to its size, the marina can only house 396 pontoon boats and is not ideal for bigger-sized yachts. Placed at the heart of the city’s center and the foot of its port, tourists love to stroll the marina both at night or during the day. It offers a breathtaking view of the rocky Soubeyranes cliffs, with a white sandy beach just nearby. It’s a small yet immensely endearing marina.


Sanary-sur-Mer Marina

The resort town of Sanary-sur-Mer is a commune that exhibits a typical Provençal layout, a rarity in the French Riviera due to swiftly changing times. It’s nestled in the heart of the traditional town of the same name and is home to a small fleet of fishing boat representative of classic Provence fashion. The marina has 550 berths and offers two types of mooring options for sailors, by line or stern to dock. The local fisherfolk draws both locals and tourists for a display of fish market along the docks for the freshest catch of the day. The town offers sun-kissed panoramic views all year round and is where the English writer Aldous Huxley wrote his dystopian novel, Brave New World.


Saint-Tropez’s Old Port

The Old Port in Saint-Tropez is lined with cafes and shops and has become a well-liked sailing and superyacht destination. It has managed to preserve its charm, timeless and enduring, which makes it more attractive to the 6 million tourists it welcomes year after year. The port itself is one of Saint-Tropez’s main attractions, with its pastel-colored townhouses and terraced coffee houses, where tourists enjoy walking through the promenade. Part of its appeal is the many artists you can spot painting the landmarks and the sea views of Saint-Tropez. The marina offers 734 anchorage spots and shows off countless numbers of crafts, from small fishing boats to gleaming modern yachts.


Port-Grimaud Marina

A lakeside town within the Saint-Tropez Gulf is Port-Grimaud. Its marina is a unique blend of accommodation and port: it offers private anchorage just at the doorstep of every house. 250 boats can find a berth in its canals and waterways. Classified as a 20th-century heritage site, both residents and visitors are afforded the tranquil luxury of sailing along the canals while they watch the scenic, colorful buildings, much like Venice! Boaters can indulge in renting boats to enjoy the shops and restaurants that are spread across the city.


When to Go

While a yacht-based trip to the South of France is a great way to avoid the teeming summer crowds, it’s still best to be in the know when it comes to the prime time to visit the region. The French Riviera is best enjoyed from April to November, with the high season beginning in the hot summer months of July and ending in August. It’s recommended to visit in the cooler months of late April to early May to avoid the crowds and get intimate with the scenic views and pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea. September also offers a comfortable temperature, although storms could start to pile up come October, the region’s wettest month.


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