The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas

Palm Casino Pool, Las Vegas


Las Vegas, The Entertainment Capital of the World

With more than 41 million visitors from all over the world, the city of Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the United States’ most famed urban destinations. It ranks as US’s 25th most populous city and is part of the wider Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area. The city is situated within the greater Mojave Desert and is the largest city therein.

The Las Vegas valley as a whole plays a crucial commercial, financial, and cultural role for the State of Nevada. The city is a self-proclaimed Entertainment Capital of the World, being internationally renowned as a huge casino and resort city notable for all the gambling, shopping, and nightlife activities it can offer.

Las Vegas is also nicknamed the Sin City, notorious for mobsters, their criminal activity, and other shady businesses that seem to run the city’s streets. It is observed to be highly tolerant of almost all forms of adult entertainment and has made its mark in the entertainment industry as a shoot location or setting for various literature and films.


Palms Casino Resort

One of the most luxurious casino hotels in Las Vegas is The Palms. It first opened its doors to local residents and tourists in the year 2001 and includes a casino, numerous restaurants, an extravagant nightlife, and a 42-floor hotel. Soon enough it became well-loved among young adults and celebrities of all ages for the various entertainment it offers. It’s located at the very heart of Las Vegas, just 2 kilometers from the famed Las Vegas strip. The hotel casino is internationally-recognized for its unparalleled suites and guest rooms, extravagant pools, prominent restaurants, and vivacious nightlife. The hotel also offers unrivaled views of the Spring Mountains and of course, the Las Vegas Strip.


Palm Casino Pool, Las Vegas


The Empathy Suite

A 3-day trip to Vegas feels short, but it’s about enough to tour around the city and get a taste of its various activities. Why not spend a thrilling escapade to Sin City by staying at the world’s second most-expensive hotel suite? The Empathy Suite breaks the $100,000 price tag among the most expensive hotels in the world. With such a price, you get two premium master bedrooms, a cantilevered jacuzzi, massage tables plus a salt relaxation room, and a private tour around the properties and art collection of Damien Hirst.

Really, it’s an art lover’s paradise with six original pieces from the artist, with complementing custom furniture that includes his motifs. White and chrome are the most prevalent colors in the suite’s interiors and there are various odes to his artistic motifs throughout the suite, including 104 stone butterflies and inlaid pills incorporated into the marble floorings. His lavish pop-culture designs dot the suite generously, so if you’re a Damien Hirst fan, it’s the ultimate splurge in the name of art and culture.


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