The Superyacht Splendor

It’s not news, the glamor and luxury of yacht vacations are unparalleled. It’s a life changing-experience, cathartic even, to cruise the turquoise seas and glimmering oceans into destinations you could very much call your own. The ultimate in luxury travel.

These fabulous big boats offer more than just transport, they’re floating mansions that allow you a sanctuary to repose in after a whole day under the sun. Nothing on the surface of the earth (or oceans) can match the adventure, romance, and freedom that comes with exploring the most secluded places on earth on a superyacht.

Ready for a luxurious yachting vacation? See our list below of the best places to begin your superyacht chartering experience.


Super yacht cruisung

French Riviera, the Superyacht Mecca

Nicknamed the playground for the wealthy, the French Riviera is no doubt one of the world’s most luxurious holiday destinations. Located in the South of France, it’s the stretch of Mediterranean coastline that makes up a sizeable chunk of the country: Nice, the French Rivera capital; Cannes, the heart of cinema and film; St. Tropez, a charming town of laidback luxury, and the independent state of Monaco known as the billionaires’ playground. With charming seaside towns to explore, rich Greek and Roman histories to uncover, and sumptuous local food and wine from one city to the next, the French Riviera will spoil you with the varied vacation options it extends.

A yacht charter experience on the French Riviera will further indulge your senses. Thanks to its extensive coastline, it has become one of the most scenic areas in Europe where superyachts lobby. The region has attracted the affluent lot since the early 20th century and has become the world’s most popular destination for summer yachting. It lures almost 75 percent of the world’s yacht chartering business, especially during the summer season, with all kinds and sizes of yachts being rented out to join in the fun.


Chartering the Caribbean Seas

With 32 million international tourists flying into the many islands and countries of the Caribbean, it has become a well-loved travel destination by many. Its beautiful tropical weather, luxurious glassy waters, and white powdery sands have contributed to its massive success as the perfect summer sanctuary, more so a top yachting destination for families and cruisers alike. The region also boasts the friendliest people, the liveliest music, and the most vibrant carnivals.

Much of the Caribbean region is covered in turquoise blue waters, with around 700 islands and islets dappled around the Caribbean Sea. It offers an abundance of choices for yacht chartering enthusiasts and each island extends its own unique character and allure. Say, the British Virgin Islands, its gentle trade winds making it a famous yachting and sailing hub, is a treasure waiting to be explored. Its unspoiled beaches and lush marine wildlife make it one of the best snorkeling and diving sites in the world. And for the ultimate Caribbean yacht adventure, you can always go island-hopping across its neighboring islands—from the perfect starting point, St. Lucia, and down to the Grenadines.

Meandering through the Maldives

An archipelago nestled between Sri Lanka and India, the Maldives floats humbly in the Indian Ocean. The smallest country in Asia offers the biggest treat to the senses! It’s one of the dreamiest travel destinations thanks to its perfect warm temperatures, engrossing sceneries, mesmerizing coral reefs, and blue lagoons. The magic of Maldives is simply undeniable: it’s an eternal paradise home to the world’s ultra-luxurious hotels and resorts. Beachgoers adore the Maldives and yacht charters love exploring its islands by the sea.

With over a thousand islands peppered across the Indian Ocean, there’s no topping a yacht charter vacation meandering through the Maldives! Only two hundred of these islands are inhabited which makes for the perfect secluded island hunt that affords you the luxury of unspoiled coasts and the experience of swimming amongst marine life. Cruise through the bustling capital of Malé and hop into the land to immerse in its culture: visit art galleries and museums or explore its restaurants. On the more secluded islands await caves and pristine beaches which make for the perfect private swimming spots. You can also snorkel among the protected coral reefs and archaic shipwrecks to thoroughly enjoy the freedom of outdoor life at sea.


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