Top 10 Mediterranean Destinations to Fly Into via a Private Jet Charter

Luxury destinations in the MediterraneanIsn’t the thought of taking a private jet charter to one of the Mediterranean destinations enticing? With balmy summer weather that stretches on through late fall, the Mediterranean area of Europe is a popular tourist destination for countless reasons. Whether you’re looking to spend some time at the beach, take in some history, or spend the evening enjoying excellent food and company, you’re bound to find something that fits your interests!

Explore 10 of the best Mediterranean destinations perfect for your next holiday trip on a chartered luxury private jet.


1. Mykonos

This Greek island off the coast is a quintessential party destination. It’s famed for its incredible architecture and tantalizing beaches. Anywhere you look, you’re sure to see streets and corners of white-washed buildings lining its narrow alleyways. Mykonos is home to expensive yachts, luxury hotels, and dreamy villas complete with 5-star service that is simply unparalleled. Immerse in its culture of beach parties, vivacious nightlife, and delectable food. Flying into Mykonos is best around September to October, during the fall when the crowds have wavered but the sights more beautiful.


2. Crete

A bigger island than the Cyclades but less populated, this northern part of Greece offers the perfect combination of peace and adventure. Crete is Greece’s largest island and is renowned for its immaculate beaches, majestic mountainscapes, and verdant palm trees. Elafonisi is a mile-long island, and exploring its numerous caverns and rock formations is a must. Hiking the Samaria Gorge, one of Crete’s most rewarding outdoor experiences, is another activity worth the challenge. The trail passes through a range of environments, including forests and steep, rocky terrain. And the spring to summer transition months of mid-May to June or from September to October is the ideal time to fly to Crete in your chartered aircraft.


3. Positano

Private jet tourists from all over the world are drawn to Positano because of its stunning views of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Private aircraft can land at Naples Airport and have a short transfer by taxi or helicopter to the coast. You may spend the entire day wandering Positano’s winding streets, stopping frequently at cafes to enjoy the sea vistas and browse the many shops, clothes vendors, and old houses that line them. There are numerous beaches, so you can visit a different one each day. Even better, you can hire a boat and travel, sunbathe, or enjoy the evening sunset from the deck. Because of the bright, sunny weather, the best time to travel in a private jet to Positano is during the warmer months, between June and August.


4. Capri

Visitors are encouraged to slow down and take in the beauty of Capri, an affluent island in Italy. To see famous sites like the Faraglioni and grottoes by the sea with your own eyes, join a boat excursion as soon as you arrive. The Gardens of Augustus, the Pizzolungo lead to the natural Arch, the Monte Solaro chairlift to the crest, the stunning views from the Tragara viewpoint, and the old Roman villa ruins of Tiberius are all additional options. You may also explore the Gardens of Augustus. Additionally, because you will be walking a lot on the island, be sure to only wear comfortable shoes. May, September, and October are the perfect months to travel on a chartered plane to Capri.


5. Sardinia

This Mediterranean treasure’s balmy weather and pristine beaches feel like a getaway from the outside world. You may swim in the clear waters of Olbia minutes after arriving at the airport if you take a luxurious private jet flight there. You can stay in the region south of Olbia or travel up north to Costa Smeralda for a glitzy seaside experience. It should be emphasized that the island’s family-run trattorias and traditional farms produce excellent food. And April to June is the ideal time to go on a private jet to Sardinia.


6. Croatia

This Mediterranean nation is rapidly establishing itself in the diving community. While the deeper waters in the south permit divers to tour coral reefs, caverns, and shipwrecks, the shallower waters of the Istrian Riviera and Dalmatian Coast are perfect for beginners. But historical sites should also be taken into account. Working your way around things like the old town walls and Diocletian’s Palace, you might exhaust yourself in Split and Dubrovnik by yourself. Croatia is a wonderful walking country where you may discover pine forests and national parks, it should be noted. Additionally, May through June or September through October are the ideal times to travel by luxurious private plane.


7. Malta

A vibrant real estate market, idyllic weather, isolated bays, and gorgeous architecture can all be found in this tiny Mediterranean island nation. An outdoor museum with Moorish, Roman, French and British influences thrives where history coexists with contemporary attractions and outdoor activities. There, everyone—couples, families with children, and everyone in between—can have the ideal vacation. Clear waters beckon scuba divers to explore shipwrecks, caves, and reefs. Aquariums, splash pads, and good old Popeye guarantee kid-friendly entertainment. The three months of May, September, and October are the ideal times of year to fly in grandeur to Malta.


8. Sicily

Italy’s Sicily is well-known for its golf courses and historic attractions. Here are some of the greatest places to go: Palermo’s Mondello beach is a great option if you enjoy spending the day by the water and the evenings out on the town. The cable car will take you to Isola Bella beach, where you may snorkel and explore a nearby rocky island. You can also take a boat to Lipari, the largest Aeolian Island in Sicily, and dive into its crystal-clear waters. The lovely summer water may be felt beneath one’s feet despite the pebbles’ reminders of a volcanic past. The finest months to travel by opulent private jet are late spring, May to June, or fall from September to October.


9. Ibiza

Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean, caters to all types of holidaymakers with its 24-hour clubs, pool parties, stunning beaches, and historical monuments. The daytime hours on the cobblestone streets are perfect for exploring the galleries, museums, shops, and eateries. Consider Playa d’en Bossa, the nightlife district that spans along a white sand beach, when it comes to nights out. Another location is Punta Arabi, the biggest and first hippie market on the island of Ibiza. You may also hop on a fast ferry to the island of Formentera, where you can rent a bike and cycle along green pathways to find amazing beaches along the coast. May through October is the ideal season to go on a private jet to Ibiza.


10. Palma de Mallorca

The most well-liked island getaway in the Mediterranean is indeed this Spanish island. On Passeig del Born, you may indulge in some upscale shopping. The Golden Mile and Palma’s lovely, tree-lined promenade, which is home to designer shops, are further locations you should check out. High-end restaurants and boutique hotels are nearby this one. However, you can treat yourself to a spa day and some Turkish baths. On the contrary, if you reserve a couch at one of the beach clubs, Palma’s glitzy side will be more apparent in the evening. Last but not least, March to May is the ideal time to think of traveling to Palma de Mallorca by a luxurious private aircraft.


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