Top 5 Most Expensive Private Jets

The most expensive private jets for luxury travelTraversing the air in a chartered plane sounds lavish and extravagant, but it’s no match to the world’s most expensive private jets. The demand for a heightened sense of luxury rises each year with bigger and better versions of already superior products and services. Flying is no different. Aircraft manufacturers continue this waging war to see who produces the best high-performance and prestigious jets that the wealthy can accumulate as toys.

While passenger needs vary from one to another, it’s of utmost importance that these requests are met. And with a lot of serious money to spend, compromise isn’t welcome. Comfort, convenience, and luxury go hand in hand.

Here are the world’s five most expensive private jets, luckily owned by the most opulent folk and royalty on earth.


Airbus 380

The European company Airbus designs and manufactures the world’s most expensive private jet, and the world’s largest private luxury air travel option as well. In 2007, a private configuration of the Airbus 380 was planned for the Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud. The prince already owned a private Boeing 747, although considerably older, and the Airbus 380 was a step up in terms of size and luxurious interior fittings. While a private Airbus 380 was never truly realized, the fact that it’s a Dubai prince’s aircraft of choice, definitely means it’s the best. The aircraft only costs a mere 432.6 million dollars.

The Airbus 380 would have made for the largest possible private jet, should it have been configured as a private jet successfully, but a commercial version exists. Formerly known as the A340-500, the Airbus A380 is the world’s largest commercial airliner at present capable of carrying up to 853 passengers in a single-class configuration. It is the only existing full-length double-decker first delivered to Singapore Airlines with its biggest customer being the Emirates.

In comparison, the private model was planned to have three floors linked together by an elevator and a spiral staircase. VIP suites designed for four families were also included in the plans, with a prayer room and electronic mats that automatically rotate towards Mecca. A concert hall complete with a stage and a grand piano also add yet another level of luxury. It seems nothing is too good when money is no object.


Airbus A340-300

Second on the list is another aircraft by Airbus. In 2000, an Airbus A340-300 was fully converted into a private jet by the Dubai-based Aircraft Trading Company. A Russian billionaire, Alisher Usmanov owns an Airbus of the said model and it’s one of the biggest private planes in the Russian continent. The plane is known as the “Bourkhan”, named after Usmanov’s father, and is estimated to have cost around 450 million dollars.

Its commercial counterpart can seat at least 300 passengers in a single flight and has been in service since 1993. Four engines and its ultra-long range allow the craft to fly virtually any route on the planet. The aircraft is a popular choice among passengers and businesses as well, thanks to the superior level of space and comfort it has. It’s best for long-range flights that demand around 300 passengers. The commercial airline Lufthansa is known to operate two different versions of the Airbus A340.

As a private jet, it’s versatile and is marketed as being able to carry VIPs in ultimate comfort. It’s configured to seat 12 passengers and is easily considered one of the most luxurious vehicles to ever fly the skies. Since the Airbus 380 was not successfully configured as a private jet, the Airbus A340-300 remains the most expensive private jet in the world.


Boeing 747-8s

Since the 747 series produced by Boeing first appeared in 1970, its popularity has never waned. Labeled as the best-selling model, its’ the longest and second-largest most expensive private aircraft to ever be built. The private version boasts two lounges plus a dining area, a stateroom with a lounge of its own, and a sizable office adorned with a state-of-the-art conference room where VIPs can convene and meet.

The ultra-luxurious 747-8 Intercontinental Jet is currently in production for a select list of customers. One of these wealthy owners is Joseph Lau, a Hongkong billionaire known to be an avid wine and art collector. And since billionaires have so much spare cash to burn, Lau was known to have spent an additional 200 million dollars to furnish his luxury craft with fully-equipped bathrooms, an enviable living room, a dining room that seats fourteen guests, and a master suite complete with a sky-view. His 747-8 also has a private office and a meeting room for the ultimate extension of your office and home in the sky.

In comparison, the commercial model can seat 100 passengers and over 20 crew members. It’s a popular choice given its ability to survive earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and even a nuclear war. In fact, the US Air Force announced in the year of 2017 that two Boeings of the same model would be used as a presidential plane. The private jet would cost around $600 million yet another serious amount to shell out but without the compromise of safety and security.


Boeing 747-430

Another model of the US aerospace manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes makes the list: the 747-430. It’s an intercontinental wide body with twin engines. It’s one of the very first commercial planes to be produced in the 20th century so it holds quite some history to its name. It’s also the least expensive among Boeing’s jumbo jet lines.

One of the most popular aircraft choices indeed, the Sultan of Brunei is one of the proud owners of a 747-430. He paid for an additional 100 million dollars worth of fittings to add his own luxurious touch to the plane. The features made the plane an ultimate flying palace, customized with gold throughout the interior, along with Lalique crystals.

It’s one of the most expensive private planes that frequently fly through Europe and the Americas. The Sultan is also known to pilot a few more aircraft with a fleet including six smaller jets and another jumbo: the Airbus A340.


Boeing 757

A 43-seater private Boeing 757 is owned by no other than business tycoon and 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. A luxury private jet this size costs a hundred million dollars. Equally luxurious are the amenities onboard, making life convenient and comfortable midair. Trump’s 757 is plated with 24-carat gold seatbelts and the family logo stamped on everything your eyes can see. The guestroom couches also convert into a bed, making for a comfortable wink during trips.

Known to professional pilots as the Ferrari of commercial jets, the 757 is extremely versatile and works well for both shorter and longer-length flights. As a commercial plane, it has a spacious cabin size that offers a considerably large baggage capacity. The combination of these two makes for a comfortable trip, especially when flying far. The plane can fly up to 9.5 hours straight.

The Boeing 757 is also one of the biggest private jets you can hire.


With private jets rising in demand over the years, a wide array of options is within every guest’s reach. Charter companies now offer varied options for flying depending on your needs. While you might not fancy chartering the biggest and the largest of these private aircraft, a luxurious experience still awaits you once you choose to fly private.

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