Top Luxury Travel Trends in 2023

Luxury lifestyle trends for 2023


2022 saw the successful revival of the tourism industry. 2023 will witness its brilliant re-imagining.

The affluent jet setters used to be content with cozying in five-star resorts, rarely ever venturing into the surrounding communities for hidden gems and an authentic taste of the locale. Times are changing. Nowadays, luxury travelers have become much more daring: people are growing more and more curious about trying local cuisine and immersing themselves in their holiday destination’s culture.

Luxury travel has unquestionably changed in style. Read on to hop into the emerging travel trends that many of the rich and famous are projected to indulge in:


Health is Wealth

Wellness retreats are seeing an upward trajectory when it comes to being the top destination for travelers in 2023. People have now grown to value health as crucial, if not equivalent to their successes. Tourists are starting to become more attracted to wellness travel. Vacations that emphasize meditation, mindfulness, wellness, and spirituality are becoming more and more popular. Wellness retreats will see more and more guests running to their doors for the satisfaction of a restorative trip.

Skip out on the usual things. We’re not kidding when we said the year’s going to witness a brilliant reimagining. An increasing number of luxury travelers are seeking for unique things to try in 2023. Imagine yourself sitting in cool, therapeutic pools deep in the forest, unblocking or rebalancing your chakras alongside a cute puppy companion, or indulging in laughter exercises to relieve stress and improve your overall well-being!

It’s the age of innovative therapy and luxurious wellness resorts are bound to become all the rave. Wellness retreats enable guests to return home feeling relaxed and invigorated after their trip rather than exhausted and worn out.

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Daring and Disconnected Adventurers

When you discover a destination that you just so adore visiting, you’re inclined to keep returning year after year. Moreover, it’s quite challenging to completely detach from the digital realm of remote and hybrid work. However, the behaviors of vacationers are bound to change in 2023.

People are learning to get out of their comfort zones after a series of stressful years; they’re dying to live! Travelers have become keener in finding new, fascinating places to visit, intriguing to the sense and obscure to the rest of the world. The same affluent vacationers consider the ideal trip that they spend away from mobile devices and technology that a remote destination with no signal at all is becoming more and more appealing. So much so that hotels have increasingly become dedicated to providing guests with a means to disconnect from their smartphones. This includes a rise in tranquil accommodations with hammocks and cabanas.

Today’s travelers are eager to put down their smartphones and reconnect with the natural world: seeing more greeneries and sceneries than ever. People are searching for a getaway that enables them to escape reality. Unplugging from everything is just about the new goal atop their lists.


Customized and Private

There’s no denying that more and more people are embracing a more personalized experience when planning their vacations. It’s been a growing trend since 2022 but it has seen a stable progression throughout the year ahead. Private jets, more private accommodations, more customized experiences.

Most existing tours focus on the food and shopping departments but we all know there’s more to travel destinations than just that. Luxury travelers want to handpick which activities they desire to accomplish and which destinations they want to visit, therefore, a personalized holiday is a perfect option. When a tour is designed to meet your every whim and fancy, you’ve essentially reached the peak of opulent traveling. Of course, these routes can be decided and planned beforehand, adding and subtracting from pre-packaged itineraries to crafting a new itinerary to suit the journey they want to take.

Everything’s simply easier with a luxury travel and concierge service like Luxe Travel Concierge. We take care of all the details concerned with organizing a customized vacation for you, so you’re left with nothing else to do but indulge and enjoy. Whether guests are celebrating a special occasion or merely an escapade away from the rest of the world, expect to sit in the lap of luxury with every trip.


Experiential Vacations

Brand new experiences revitalize us, they make us see life with newer eyes. And when these excursions are paired with the finer things in life, we simply have no reason to decline.  

Luxury travels are now enhanced by cultural activities that highlight the destination’s authentic spirit. The tourism industry has witnessed a sharp 90% rise when it comes to local classes and workshops with tourists wanting to learn and experience novel activities during their vacations. Learning to surf the wild waters of a popular beach or grooving to salsa—these are just some of the skills that many tourists have been flocking to learn.

Instead of returning from their holiday feeling refreshed and at ease, many travelers want to try something totally random or unfamiliar. These events also go beyond merely interacting with locals or eating native cuisine. They want a hands-on cooking session and market visit instead of just watching a cooking demonstration. It’s all about the rich experience they can bring home after the trip’s done and dusted.


Off-Season Travel

Last summer, it may have appeared as though everybody was in Europe—and they were. Some places, like Italy, are worried about the impact of over-tourism due to the spike in flights and reservations. Tourism industry experts in Italy, the second-most tourist hotspot for autumn vacation, are advising tourists to fly and experience the destinations during the off-season.

You can easily picture the Colosseum in its peak summer season (spoiler alert: it’s busy) and New England in the fall (hint: colorful leaves yes, but crowded). But do you know how peaceful the Trevi Fountain is during November evenings or how Paris sleeps peacefully blanketed in a lovely layer of snow? Avoid visiting during the peak vacation season when everyone is already there if you want to make the most of your vacation. Everyone is sure to be green with envy when they see your unique images of their favorite crowded locations.

Smaller crowds are a constant throughout the off-peak season. And although this does occasionally result in fewer restaurants and sites being open, it practically means fewer guests and crowding. Off-peak travel also allows you to visit sites that otherwise are flocked with tourists, so much that you can’t enjoy as you hoped you would. It’s an incredible win-win: both destinations and tourists who get to explore popular sites without the masses benefit from this.


These luxury travel trends are projected to stabilize throughout the year with more and more opulent folk looking for different options to explore and experience the world around them.

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