Val d’Isere: A Beginner’s Guide in the World’s Best Ski Resort

Visit vivid Val d'Isere Ski resortThe overwhelming options of pistes accessible in the Tignes and Val d’Isere ski region may quickly become bewildering for some, but you shouldn’t let it take away from all the adventure and fun waiting for you. If you’re eyeing a trip to the vivid winter wonderland that is Val D’Isere but has no idea where to start, Luxe Travel Concierge has sourced a list of routes, ideas, and recommendations to help humble beginners like you navigate the terrains of one of the world’s most famous ski resorts.


Ski Schools

Ski lessons are a crucial component of every winter vacation, regardless of your level of experience. No matter if it’s your debut time on the snow or you want to try going off-piste to learn how to ride powder, you’ll pick it up more quickly and more effectively with a teacher that helps you avoid any bad habits. The classes for skiing and snowboarding are also a great deal of fun for everyone!

When selecting a skiing or snowboarding school, there are many factors to take into account, such as the style of the lessons, the various levels of skiing and snowboarding, and even what to bring to your initial session. With Luxe Travel Concierge, we’ll take care of the decision-making for you to keep you from the hassle. Just tell us what you want and your wish is our command. There’s nothing left for you to do but enjoy your vacation in Val d’Isere’s stunning slopes.


Beginner Areas

There are over 300 kilometers of fields and slopes that await your exploration. If it’s too daunting a size, Val D’Isere has two nursery areas for you to start your practice: one in the resort’s very heart and another in La Daille, at the base of the pistes.


Village Area

The town has a novice area comprised of three green pistes that slope ever so gently. It’s the perfect location to practice balance and build up the confidence to take up the steeper and higher slopes. There are three lifts that access these pistes.


La Daille / Bellevarde

Another smaller nursery area is situated at the feet of the Bellevarde furnicular. This one is accessible via two quick lifts. Atop Borsat Express, the gradual slope coming down Fontaine Froid is one of the best gradual green runs for beginners. It’s a route that’s safe enough for those who are still quite learning to balance and sustain the cruise down the slopes.



Solaise has multiple open and easy pistes around where beginners can put to good use all they’ve learned in classes. These pistes are great for practice and are accessible via Solaise Express. Ride it to the flat slope where a short pulley will take you to the Glacier and Madeleine areas. Expect a pleasant ride, perfect for leisure and beginner runs.


La Fornet

If you’re up for some of the rolling blue routes which are generally calmer in nature, then you might want to head over to La Fornet. It’s quite a trip, but it’s well worth it. To access the area, ride the free shuttle service away from Val d’Isere’s center. Take the Fornet cable car and pass by the Vallon de I’lseran bubble, then finally to the bottom of the glacier. From here, you may choose from a number of gentle blue routes that will take you around the bubble and return to the resort. Here, the slopes are calmer but nevertheless excellent.


Novice or not, don’t be afraid to try out Val D’Isere’s slopes. There are many routes to progress once you get the hang of the experience. A taste of the mountain thrill will surely get you craving more. Allow Luxe Travel Concierge to take you there. Our luxury concierge service will care of all the time-consuming vacation details and we’ll craft a bespoke getaway just for you, all in the spirit of luxury and adventure.

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