The Hilltop Villa of Fiji

Hilltop villa Laucala Island Fiji

Laucala Island, Fiji




The Republic of Fiji is a 300-island archipelago famed for its attractive islands peppered throughout the South Pacific waters. It’s nicknamed the “soft coral capital of the world” as it is brimming with breathtaking underwater sites, vibrant coral reefs, and clear, shallow lagoons teeming with aquatic life. Above water, its wild, rugged landscapes and palm-dotted virgin beaches offer an experience beyond your usual escapade.

Its two major islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu where almost 90% of its population resides along the coasts. The port city of Suva can be found on the island of Viti Levu and is heavily influenced by British colonization. While secluded and well-protected by the South Pacific sea, Fijian people are among the warmest, most hospitable people in the world, welcoming almost 1 million tourists year after year.


Laucala Island

Another island reputable for its out-of-this-world sandy beaches, lovely warm waters, and a selection of underwater activities is Laucala Island. With only 25 unique villas and residences ranging from hilltop to beachfront views, guests of the island are given a secluded island paradise experience. Owned by Red Bull’s Dietrich Mateschitz, jet setters keep coming back to this sugary island garden for its 18-hole golf course, meeting local and indigenous artists, and about 3 miles of activities and trails to explore every guest’s whim.


Hilltop Estate

Living on top, both literally and in the social hierarchy, guests of the Hilltop Estate enjoy an ultra-inclusive private island. Ever since it opened its coasts and villas in 2009 to jet setters and tourists from all over the globe, it’s been a dream destination for many. It’s a paradise tucked within the island and only accessible to the mega-affluent at an impressive $45,000 per night. True to its name, the Hilltop Villa sits atop a lush, green hill where you could take in the picturesque verdant jungles and turquoise blue waters.

With such an incredible price comes an equally incredible four-acre estate: there are three separate villas, The Delana, The Rua, and the Dua.

The Delana, the main residence, comes with a master bedroom fit for royalty, complete with a walk-in wardrobe, a living room, and library, and your own large, exclusive pool with a waterfall and hot tub. There are two large guest residences in the estate as well, the Rua and the Dua. The second largest villa of the three, the Rua, also has a large private pool with a separate living area. Finally, the Dua has similar features as the Delana but can house a pair comfortably. The entire estate can be the home of up to eight people, perfect for a group getaway.


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