Why Should You Fly with a Private Jet Charter?

Why travel in comfort by private jet? Luxury travel for those who enjoy convenience.Flying first class sounds luxurious and extravagant until you’ve tried flying with a private plane all to your own, or with your choice of company. The perks go beyond the sophisticated seats and customized services: flying privately allows you the luxury of being in control of your time and schedule, the freedom to select your destination, and the experience of a lifetime. Fly private once, and you’ll never go back to flying commercial.

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Chartered jet flights are becoming more popular over the decades and as of present, a wider range of choices is at every guest’s disposal. Companies now offer many options; guests like you can now choose to fly in aircraft that are idyllic for your flying purpose and need. It’s not just the world’s billionaires who deserve to fly exclusively. You, too, can enjoy such luxury.

When you’re looking to fly in superior comfort and luxury, a private jet charter is a perfect option. Still, need convincing? Here are the top reasons why you should fly with a private jet charter.

1. You can choose which aircraft to ride and which interior.

Nothing speaks of luxury than getting to choose the type of aircraft you fly in plus even getting to choose the interior. With a variety of jets to choose from, rest assured that there’s an aircraft out there configurated to suit your needs. If you’re a man of the contemporary world then you might prefer an aircraft with modern appeal and finish. Or if you’re more of a classic gentleman, you might prefer elegant wooden furnishings in your aircraft of choice.

Questions like these aren’t typical when you fly commercial but when you fly privately, you can expect first-class amenities each and every time. Here at Luxe Travel Concierge, we have access to a wide range of aircraft sizes with lavish interiors that will surely meet your standards. Be it white leather seats or brown, warm or cool mood lighting, or a top-of-the-line entertainment system, you name it and we’ll source it for you.


2. You can land closer to your destination.

Flying privately not only provides you with more options when it comes to the flight itinerary but also allows you to choose your own preferred airport. Have a quaint airport in mind that’s closer to your target destination? Land or take off in smaller ports otherwise inaccessible to commercial flights. This change will allow you to completely avoid traffic around bigger airports where passengers, cars, and taxis flock.

Landing closer to your destination means being able to arrive at your destination faster. When you fly with us, you can decide your preferred departure and arrival terminals. Whether that’s on an exclusive island or a private airport in the metro, you’ll spend way more time enjoying your trip at your destination and less time on the road.


3. You don’t have to deal with long layovers.

As a frequent flyer, you’ve surely experienced the pain of long layovers before reaching your final destination. Unless you’re lucky enough to arrive in time for your flight home, you’re often stuck with no choice but to wander around the city all day. Plus it’s sure a hassle getting to get off a plane and then riding a new one. Or even if you’re staying on the aircraft while it drops off and picks up passengers, you’re still left bored to your wits and wasting precious time. If you want to maximize your time at your destination and avoid rushing in between flights, then flying privately should be your best bet.

Kiss layovers goodbye when you charter a private jet. Luxe Travel Concierge will take you from point A to point B without having to go through layovers. This means no more uncomfortable overnight stays at the airport or even hours of waiting in between flights. And even if you snooze a bit and get late for your flight, you don’t have to sprint just to be there. You’re the boss now and you’ll find the plane waiting just for you.


4. You have the freedom to choose your travel companions.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, the perks of flying private seem endless. Need some private time alone? There’s no reason you shouldn’t fly solo and have the whole aircraft all to yourself. You can also fly with your companion and your companion alone for a romantic getaway on a secluded island. Flying with a group of people can be extremely fun and entertaining as well especially if you know your crowd. It’s the choice to make if you want to skip the chances of sitting next to a loud rowdy teen or worse, a crying infant.

The limits don’t just end there. You can even take your pet with you! Most commercial flights don’t allow pets on board and if they do, there’s usually a hefty fee about to drain your pockets. Your pet might also feel uncomfortable and have anxious bouts when put in a dark room with bags and luggage. Allow your furry companion to enjoy the same comfort and luxuries as you when you fly privately.


5. You can take off whenever you want.

Commercial flights stick to a fixed schedule that’s open to change when external circumstances demand. And you know what’s the most frequent reason for flight delays? Nope, not the weather; it’s the aircraft arriving later than expected. Unlike commercial flights where you have to meet at a specific time in order to get to your destination in time, flying privately allows you to decide when you want to fly to stick to your schedule and avoid possible delays.

Convenience is simply king when it comes to traveling and flying in a chartered jet definitely takes the cake. When you fly privately, you have the freedom to travel at your most convenient time and simply when you’re ready to go. Imagine all the time you’re going to save not having to queue up and wait your turn during rush hour!


6. You have the whole aircraft for you and your guests.

When you’re flying commercially, you’ll be sharing the experience with other passengers by cramming yourself into one row and hoping those in front and behind you behave themselves. If you’re lucky, you might get a seat next to the window where you can stretch out a little and get some rest. However, when you fly privately, you’re not just another passenger anymore. You’re the boss and it’s your command that gets followed.

Flying on a chartered jet with the company of your choice is like a party up in the skies. During a private flight, you’re able to spend quality time with your friends and family or even hold conferences with your team aboard. Truly, nothing beats having your own space and privacy whenever you fly in a private aircraft of your choice. All this without interruption in the spirit of absolute exclusivity.


7. You gain access to private lounges and terminals.

The pre-flight experience of a commercial airline can be pretty stressful and intimidating for both adults and children alike. And no matter how luxurious your first-class seat on a commercial flight may be, you’ll still have to endure the chaos and long lines at the airport. Indeed, airports are hardly a place to unwind and relax before your trip. However, this can be changed when you decide to fly a private jet.

You don’t need to spend a lengthy amount of time in the airport—time that you would rather spend somewhere else doing somewhere more important. When your flight is on a private chartered jet, you’re given the luxury of a personal driver to take you directly to the runway thereby giving you more time for other more significant tasks. If you do need to spend some time in the airport though, flying private grants you access to private lounges specifically for you.


8. You have a kitchen suited to your preferences.

On a commercial flight, the food served is mediocre at best. On the other hand, when flying privately, you get access to a fully stocked kitchen that caters to your palate’s every need and preference. So whether you want to pop some champagne with high cuisine or maybe some authentic sushi or maki on board with you, it’s only a private jet that will allow you to indulge in such gastronomic luxuries. Sure, you might get a good meal from the first-class cabin but no commercial airline can match this level of customization.


Countless other advantages contribute to the reason why more and more people now choose to fly via a private jet. When time is money and comfort is luxury, the time saved and convenience gained far more offsets the initial cost. The next time you plot your holiday or business trip, consider a chartered aircraft with us at Luxe Travel Concierge.

Be the boss. Be the center of attention. We value you and your flying experience as much as we do the destination. Tell us where you want to go and we’ll plan the rest. We love our clients and we know just how to spoil you.


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