Yacht Charter in Canada

Luxury yacht destinations CanadaFamous sites, historical wonders, delectable cuisine, and extraordinary culture—these are just some of everything Canada can offer. Not to mention the extensive outdoor exploration one could ever imagine in the Great White North’s endless waterways, the country has so many incredible places waiting to be explored. That said, Canada is an ideal destination for chartering a yacht to experience an unforgettable holiday.

Although it might not seem like it at first, Canada is a fantastic location for sailing enthusiasts. This huge country is the second-largest in the globe and provides a variety of choices when it comes to organizing a boat journey, whether in fresh or salt water. For the former, there’s one of the Great Lakes such as Lake Ontario, and the coasts of Vancouver Island for the latter.


British Columbia

British Columbia has become one of the most popular Canadian luxury yacht charter vacation locations in recent years. The environment is excellent, and the steady flow of breezes makes it easier for the boat to navigate the waters. You can choose between a longer vacation or a 7-day British Columbia boat charter. You will be completely enthralled by the British Columbia yacht rental experience and take the most exquisite memories with you.

For seasoned sailors and enthusiasts, British Columbia is the pinnacle of unspoiled beauty and wonderful adventures. You will be more than pleased to witness the most extraordinary things that nature has to offer in the great Canadian wilderness. You will see spectacular views of the islands, mountains, and forests as you travel down the coastline. On the islands, you may take a moment to unwind while hiking through the jungle. One of the most complex and richest ecosystems that has escaped the ravages of human civilization may be found here. British Columbia is home to more than 6,000 tiny islands and a 27,000 km long coastline.


Vancouver Island

Just across the region of British Columbia is Vancouver Island, yet another popular charter yacht destination. It’s the largest island in the Northern American West. Its tranquil oceans and gorgeous blue skies make for the most idyllic boating holiday. A multitude of channels and straits encircle the island, all great for touring: with Georgia, Charlotte, and Johnstone straits facing the Canadian side and the Strait of Juan de Fuca on the other.

The island’s gorgeous geographic features, which include mountain ranges and natural woods, are simply breathtaking. One of the highest points in Canada is the Golden Hinde Mountain, which rises 2,195 meters above sea level. You may get a magnificent view of the inlets, fjords, and deep bays lively with animals from your boat. You will always remember the sunrises and sunsets you witnessed, it’s that majestic.


Lake Ontario

For a refreshing perspective away from salty waters, you can embark on a private sailing excursion along Toronto’s waterfront. A day trip sailing and cruising along the Inner Harbor offers spectacular vistas of the city’s skyline. A chartered yacht is also an ideal vessel for weekend getaways for an intimate events along the stunning backdrop that the Lake provides.

Unwind and enjoy the spectacular sight on your own private boat. Interested guests can even try to learn the basics of sailing under the care of a certified sailing captain. You can explore the lake in a half-day or full-day tour, rounding the Scarborough bluffs and witnessing the downtown skyline passing by.  


There’s no arguing that Canada is the perfect location for your next yacht trip. Allow Luxe Travel Concierge to take you to the marvels of the Great White North and get a taste of luxury the Canadian way. We’ll create a bespoke escapade just for you. Leave it all to us. We love our clients and we know just how to make your charter experience in these Canadian waters a vacation to remember.