Zesty Zurich: How to Experience Swiss Luxury in the Vibrant City of Zurich

Zurich townIn the middle of Europe sits the City of Zurich, nestled in the heartland of Switzerland. It’s incomparable when it comes to quality of life, being among the top metropolis in the world for such distinction. Its exceptional public transit allows tourists to travel quickly from the airport to downtown Zurich in just a span of ten minutes.

The city is located on the northern side of the scenic Lake Zurich and provides plenty of leisure activities, a vibrant nightlife, luxury shopping, delicious cuisine, and an abundance of culture, including opera, ballet, concerts, and more than 150 art galleries and museums.

It’s one of the world’s richest cities, a significant European financial center, and Switzerland’s commercial core. However, you can discover stately heritage along with its edgy personality. Marketplaces, fondue, quirky tiny businesses, street art, and serene grandeur are all present in the city of Zurich. You’ll find that the Swiss locals are dedicated workers who also know how to indulge in opulent luxury. Here are five luxurious experiences you shouldn’t skip while visiting Zurich.


The Dolder Grand Hotel

The Dolder Grand is an intriguing fusion of a medieval palace and an ultra-modern deluxe hotel. You can find yourself putting off your touring plans since you won’t want to leave its beautiful halls. Perfectly situated atop the Zürichberg hill, you are far enough from town (and the airport) to take in the expansive panoramic display of the city, Lake Zurich, and the Alps while still being close enough to get there promptly.

This hotel is absolutely oozing with luxury, from the grandiose entryway to the magnificent dining room and spa. The walls and grounds of this inconspicuous mansion are decorated with works of art of the finest quality by artists like Andy Warhol, Nikki de Saint Phalle, and Salvador Dali.

The food is just as remarkable as you might think. Wine enthusiasts may pick from over 200 distinct selections at The Restaurant, the Dolder’s Michelin-starred fine dining establishment. Don’t skip the homemade pastries for breakfast at the Garden Restaurant. The evening menu, which features light European fare, is as sumptuous as it is excellent. If you see something on this restaurant’s seasonal menu featuring truffles, you can guarantee it will be amazing since they are specialists when it comes to truffles. Even the serving pieces are artistic and match the spa’s floral walls.

The guestrooms of the Dolder have quite a cozy yet contemporary flair. The junior suites are roomy and decorated with flowers, a circular leather sofa, and attractive purple accents. The sophisticated bathrooms come equipped with heated flooring, numerous jet showers, televisions built into the mirror, and spacious soaking tubs.


The Dolder Grand Spa

Make time to explore The Dolder Grand’s award-winning spa even if you aren’t staying there. You will feel energized in every sense of the word simply because of how aesthetically attractive and calming it is and how extremely modern the facilities are.

Delicious healthful meals like salads and green smoothies are served, and you can enjoy sipping or munching in a roomy chamber with wall paintings of vibrant, blossoming flowers at the spa’s small and colorful café and juice bar.

The chic, black-tiled infinity pool area has lounge seats and a large window with views of the mountains. Alternatively, you may visit the really hip Chillout Room and rest on a spherical hanging chair. Alternatively, you may relax in the chilly Snow Paradise Room.

A mosaic of mirrors in the meditation room resembles something Antoni Gaud or Friedensreich Hundertwasser might have designed. The wellness spa is a masterpiece in and of itself, but wait till you get a taste of the treatments offered. Dolder Spa’s exclusive Hydraheaven treatment includes a soul-healing massage on a waterbed-like table. It’s heaven on earth if you must.


Clouds Kitchen at the Prime Tower

The bar and bistro that is Clouds is housed atop Zurich’s highest structure, the Prime Tower. It provides breathtaking 360-degree panoramas of the city. Take in the greatest views in town while savoring delicious cuisine and slurping up hearty drinks.

Sandwiches and salads are served in the bistro area, where the food is more casual, while more formal meals are served in the main fine dining restaurant, which has cheery yellow accents.

The 35th-story restaurant provides more than simply a magnificent view. The refreshments available are likewise of the greatest caliber. Numerous unique drinks are offered on the menu, some of which are crafted with the hotel’s own award-winning gin. Additionally, experts can indulge in unique gin delicacies at various gin-sampling events.


Zurich Chocolate and Sweets 

If Switzerland is the finest chocolate-producing nation in the world, then Zurich is its chocolate capital. The city is home to as many specialty chocolate stores as there are exquisite bonbons displayed behind glass in those shops.

There are simply too many to choose from, but Confiserie Sprüngli meets no match. Luxurious confectionery maker Srpüngli Confiserie was founded in 1836 and is well-known for its unique Luxenburgerli macaroons and sumptuous chocolates. These confections are culinary wonders that are handcrafted using the best ingredients. One of the country’s original chocolate manufacturers, founder David Sprüngli was instrumental in elevating Swiss chocolate to the status of a gourmet treat. Don’t forget to take home a box of Sprüngli truffles or macaroons for your loved ones. This taste of Zurich will surely swoon sweet-tooth of all ages.


Boutique-filled Bahnhofstrasse 

Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich is a modest but impressive street that is home to upscale clothing stores, Swiss chocolate shops, cozy cafes, art galleries, and much more. This opulent high street in Zurich is well regarded as among the most upscale and costly retail districts in Europe, ranking third on a worldwide scale.

So, if you want to shop or browse top-tier brands like Chanel, Cartier, Gucci, Burberry, Dior, and Manor, among many others, this is the shopping avenue for you. Trees that provide shade line the avenue and the park benches are great for resting after a whole day of shopping along the length of the street.

Even though the street is just 1.4 km long and can be traveled in 20 minutes on foot, you can’t help but feel the need to visit all of the tempting shops! Along with superb style and the latest trends, this popular Zurich street is appreciated for its artistic design.

The Boulevard, which was influenced by 19th-century style as well as architecture, scarcely has any modern buildings, maintaining the authentic Victorian essence that draws visitors from far and wide. The less said about this charming town street, the more obvious it is that everything is a visual feast.


Zurich is incredibly zesty. There is more luxury to it than its commercial and finance center aspect.

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