Delectable Dubai

Once a small fishing village, the eponymous capital city of the Emirate of Dubai is now a center of luxury: a dizzying megalopolis. Regarded as the most populous city in the UAE or the United Arab Emirates, the words that best describe Dubai are diverse, indulgent, and delectable. It’s home to the spectacular Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, which stands at a towering height of 828 meters or 2,717ft. It’s first in terms of lofty heights and second when it comes to five-star hotels. Speaking of hotels, the Burj Al Arab, the only 7-star hotel to ever exist, can also be found in the affluent city of Dubai.

Striking palm-shaped islands and almost-fictional technology, all this and more make it one of the most unique cities in the world. Read on to discover more about the modern city of Dubai.


Luxurious Dubai City


A swiftly-developing city

The metropolis is the best setting for modern glamour. Much of it was built only in the last five decades so it reflects a very futuristic appeal. Dubai’s swiftly-growing economy ranks it among the most modern cities in the world. Its skyline boasts of the most distinctive skyscrapers: the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al-Arab, and the Emirates Towers. These towering giants that adorn the city’s skyline have made Dubai famous for its successful building projects. Along with these projects are the unique Palm Jumeirah or Palm Islands, three manmade islands in the shape of a date palm where private residences and hotels are situated. The Dubai Mall also holds the title of the world’s largest shopping mall. Truly, Dubai’s rate of development is spectacular.


Theme Parks and Resorts

Dubai also spells endless fun and an experience unlike any other. The theme parks offer everything for all ages enamored by Dubai’s charisma. Legoland Dubai is a paradise for its younger visitors. The Bollywood Park offers a Disneyland feel for Indian movie industry enthusiasts. Motiongate Dubai is very reminiscent of Universal Studios with rides based on the greatest blockbuster movies and films. There are over a hundred thrilling rides to enjoy including a record-breaking swing ride. There are various family-friendly attractions and live shows that simply take your breath away.

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Shop and Spend

Since the world’s largest shopping mall is situated in Dubai, it’s impossible to not mention the shopping culture. Tourists from all over the world flock to the affluent city simply to experience its world-class shopping. Attracting millions of foreign visitors year after year, Dubai’s shopping reputation is indeed unparalleled. Shoppers visit Dubai’s well-loved souks or Arabian bazaars. These marketplaces offer a wide range of goods where tourists can experience bargaining, true to the traditional Middle East market. The Gold Souk, one of these traditional markets, is composed of over 380 retailers, mostly jewelry traders. It vends gold, diamonds, precious stones and gems, along with exotic jewelry and high-end watches.


Rooted in the Culture of the East

Despite the highly-progressive city which Dubai presents itself, the Eastern Emirati culture remains strong. Visiting Dubai means meeting with Gulf Arab men in their white Dishdasha or Kandura, a single piece of clothing that is ankle-length and full-sleeved. Arab women don their abayas, a traditional, loose-fitting black cloak worn over clothes. Very rarely will you find Emiratis wearing clothes from the West as they revel in their traditions. Needless to say, their clothes emphasize modesty above others. Another virtue central to their culture is hospitality. Many tourists are warmly welcomed with gahwa or Arabic coffee. Aromatic and indulging, this coffee is often brewed with cardamom as an added spice. True to their religion as well, the rich sounds produced by mosques will greet you around prayer time as if lulling you into solemn prayer. The Arabian flair and way of life are a must-experience when visiting Dubai.


Diversified Dubai

Islamic Law is strong in Dubai, yet you’ll be surprised to realize that this cosmopolitan city houses multiple cultures. People from all over the world fly to Dubai and make a home for themselves in its multicultural residences. While there are many cities in the world that one can consider a melting pot of cultures, Dubai is simply different. Unlike London or New York, Dubai sits among the world’s top 10 multiracial cities and by 2030, is even set to be one of the most culturally-diverse cities in the world. At least 11 million people call the city their home and over 200 nationalities can be found in Dubai, 90% of which were born in other countries. There are also over 300 languages and dialects spoken by the people. As evident, multiculturalism is a progressive ideal celebrated by Dubai.


7-Star Hotel: Service and Accommodation

Five-star hotels are those that offer the grandest luxury, widest amenities, and sophisticated accommodations to their guests. Charming, indeed, but these hotels can be found anywhere in the world. Dubai makes itself unique by boasting of the world’s only and most lavish 7-star-rated Burj Al Arab. Opening its doors in 1999, this symbolic hotel has become a global icon of Arabian luxury. It has its own artificial island and private manmade beach, with an exclusive bridge that connects it to mainland Dubai. The hotel’s interior brags of 1,790 square meters of 24-carat gold leaf with its Royal Suite costing around $20,000 per evening. Locals celebrate it as a landmark of architectural innovation, enjoying the magnificent beauty of the tower itself while tourists enjoy its fleet of Rolls Royce for esteemed guests and visitors. The sensation to be had in Burj Al Arab will indeed exceed even the highest of expectations when it comes to a luxurious hotel experience.

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