Dubai’s Burj Al-Arab

The City of Dubai

As the epicenter of shopping and vacation among the seven emirates constituting the confederacy of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is synonymous with luxury. It sits on the coast of the Persian Gulf, attracting over 16 million foreign tourists. Dubai ranks fourth among the top 5 international destinations in the world, after Bangkok, Paris, and London. The city is most esteemed for its high-rise buildings, mega-shopping malls, and dreamy deserts. Almost fictional, Dubai also boasts of its artificial islands: Palm Jumeirah and the World Islands.


The Skyscrapers and the Sail

Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai

Dubai is known for its distinct skyline and among the city’s skyscrapers is the prominent Burj Al-Arab. Its design uniquely mimics a ship’s sail, an appropriate complement to Dubai’s pearlescent beaches and turquoise waters. The Tower of the Arabs is considered the world’s first and only 7-star hotel to ever exist. It stands at a mighty height of 321 meters and is the third tallest hotel across the globe at present. It was designed in 1993 by the British architectural legend Tom Wright, and construction was completed in 1999, in the very nick of the new millennium.


Out with 5-star, in with 7

When a hotel is classified as five-star, guests and tourists alike expect grand luxury, wide amenities, and sophisticated accommodations. Statistics on luxury hotels reveal that there are over four thousand 4 and 5- star hotels, but how many are labeled 7-star? Only one: the world’s official 7-star hotel is no other than the Burj Al-Arab. So if you’re looking to experience world-class opulence, then this global icon of Arabian luxury is the first place you want to book. Make it a breeze by having a luxury travel and concierge service like Luxe Travel Concierge handle the time-consuming details of your next hotel stay.


Jumeirah’s Jewel

The Burj Hotel, nicknamed the jewel of Jumeirah, stands on its artificial island with a charming coast of its private manmade beach. It can be accessed via a bridge that connects it to mainland Dubai making it inaccessible to anyone that is not a guest of the hotel. The hotel’s interior brags of 1,790 square meters of 24-carat gold leaf. The sensation to be had in Burj Al Arab will indeed exceed even the highest of expectations when it comes to a luxurious hotel experience.


Gold upon Gold

Inside The Royal Suite, you won’t be prepared for the wonders you’re about to witness. It’s easy to forget you’re standing in a hotel residence as the interior looks like that of a mansion, with copious striking gold elements that are impossible to take in all at once. Some distinct golden features of the Royal Suite are as follows: a 24-carat gold-plated intricate staircase, 24-carat ceiling, gold-plated television, and a master’s bedroom that is accented with hand-stitched gold. It’s grandeur all the way. And with a fleet of Rolls Royce for esteemed guests, the experience to be had will indeed exceed even the highest of expectations all for $28,000 a night.


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