The Lover’s Deep: Luxury Submarine Hotel

Luxury submarine hotelDeep into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean is the most luxurious hotel on earth. At a staggering $150,000 a night, you can make your ocean kingdom dreams come to life. Mile High Club is overrated, welcome to the Mile Low Club, a subaquatic experience offered by the British travel company, Oliver’s Travels, debuting on February 14, 2014.


Dubbed the most expensive hotel in the world, the Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel offers an unparalleled underwater experience. It’s not the usual hotel check-in with picturesque landscape views of cities, mountains, or sea surfaces. Esteemed guests immerse themselves in the wonders of the deep blue sea, wining and dining like never before. If it’s a once-in-a-lifetime escapade you’re aiming for, then this luxury submarine might be to your liking.

The vessel itself follows an open-plan design for ease of movement and convenience from one lavish room to another. The submarine hotel is limited to two persons only, and comes with a double bed and accompanying bathroom. The rooms have angular walls perfect for viewing the marine life, the coral-lined coasts, and the sunken ship along the Red Sea.

A romantic getaway awaits adventurous lovers in the luxurious hotel, as they offer honeymoon couples an experience guaranteed to be out of this world. If you’re quite bored with the thrills of the land and sky, then take your love into a whole new level of romantic escapade in coral-filled waters and plunge your love deeper into the sea. Sound-proof rooms make up the submarine for an experience you ultimately shout about. Lovemaking at the bottom of the ocean is something you’d never want to miss in this lifetime with your beau.

Moored in the island country of Saint Lucia, East of the Caribbean, the lavish submarine hotel can be navigated to tour the surrounding Caribbean waters. It’s a 5-star accommodation complete with indulgent staff: a skilled captain, a private chef, and a butler who attends to your every whim, and speed boat transfers that ease your entrance and exit to the submarine from whichever port you decide to dock. And if you’re aiming to sit deep into the lap of luxury, then luxurious add-ons such as helicopter transfers, private beach landings, and champagne-rich breakfasts are just within arm’s reach. Everything you’ll ever need for the entire experience can be found in the pockets of the Lover’s Deep.

What the affluent lot likes about the submarine hotel is its flexibility to their every need and demand. If you want a bespoke adventure tailored to simply suit your preferences, you are given the luxury of modifying the voyage route to your taste. The genie-like captain can only whisper, “as you wish”, while he steers the underwater hotel into wherever you want.

It’s an overall luxury, a statement of extreme opulence, and a status quo unachievable to many.


Staying in one of the world’s most expensive hotels is already quite an experience, but staying in one of the world’s most expensive hotels deep under the waves is unrivaled. If you’re down (and I mean deep down) to shell out quite a fortune, allow Luxe Travel Concierge to plan your next underwater escape, taking care of all the tedious details for you. Deepen your love into the depths of the ocean and leave it to our elite concierge service to create a bespoke escapade perfect for you and your beau.

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