10 Best Yachting Destinations Around the World

Super yacht destinations

A voyage on a lavishly furnished yacht is only the beginning when the destination is an undiscovered gem. True, there’s undeniable luxury and prestige when you travel via yacht, but it’s the absolute freedom that your own private boat offers that makes the experience truly special. Read on to see the best yachting destinations all over the world.


The French Riviera

Known as Côte d’Azur, the French Riviera is a superyacht mecca. This well-loved-by-the-wealthy seaside destination lures sailors and sunseekers alike, with over 75 percent of the world’s yachting business gathering here during the warmer summer months. The chic beach resorts, fashionable boutiques, and charming towns along the coast adds to the French Riviera’s allure.

The long coastline extends from the port city of Toulon, known for its naval base, to the scenic port of Menton, home of the Hardine Serre de la Madone and nicknamed the pearl of France.

The winter resort town that is Nice, the center of film and cinema, Cannes, and home of the Bardot-myth St. Tropez are simply some of the mainland’s attractions. And if it’s seclusion away from the towns, a peaceful escape awaits in the unspoiled beauty of the island of Port-Cros or head on to the heavenly beaches of Porquerolles. Read this guide to know which post-card-worthy marinas you should visit first in the superyacht mecca.


The Greek Islands

Scattered in the Aegean and Ionian seas are 6,000 islands and islets waiting to be explored. From the undisturbed beauty of its uninhabited isles to the vibrant cosmopolitans that comprise Greece, there’s a myriad of experiences that await tourists and visitors alike. The Ionian Islands make for the best yachting starting point with many islands each offering a charm of its own.

The island of Mykonos, with its fairytale-esque windmills and white houses, has the most beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife in all of Greece. The Parikia on Paros Island is also a must-visit, with its signature white-washed homes draped in flowers. The Saronic Islands will also excite you with stunning beaches, rich Greek history, and amazing architecture. Read on to dive further into the top must-visit islands when gadding about Greece.


The US Virgin Islands

The archipelago of the US Virgin Islands is composed of three major islands: Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas. Each island offers something unique to the traveler waiting to set foot on them. The latter Saint Thomas has a naturally deep harbor of calm waters and steady winds which make it an ideal port for cruising through the Caribbean. Charlotte Amalie, the capital city of the US Virgin Islands, is lush with colorful stories and myths of pirates.

The neighboring island of Saint John is best famed for the legendary Trunk Bay, home to pristine powdery beaches and coral reefs. Saint Croix just south of the two closer islands is also an idyllic Caribbean destination, with crystal blue waters and secluded beaches. Both Saint John and Saint Croix are a haven for snorkelers and divers, thanks to the lush and thriving coral reefs that surround the two islands. Read about this trifecta of islands and more here.


The Florida Keys

Home to the United States’ only living coral barrier reef is the 120-mile stretch of Florida Keys, composed of an estimated 800 islands or keys. The island chain is located just south of Miami Beach and begins southeast of the Florida peninsula, gently arching to Key West, the farthest inhabited island to the west, and on to the minuscule Dry Tortugas, an uninhabited island just a dot on the map.

The islands are fairly easy to navigate and can mean two things: it could be a leisure and scenic sail if you cruise along the shallow basins of Florida Bay, but it could also take an adventurous turn if you set sail along the open Atlantic waters. The Florida Keys offer an unparalleled yachting experience as you drop anchors in coral coves to snorkel or swim from Key Largo to Key West.

A gastronomic experience of conch fritters from the various seafood restaurants along with Rum Runner cocktails awaits sailors and sun-seekers alike.


Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy

Italy is easily one of the most versatile destinations in Europe, not to mention the most attractive as well. It’s home to some of the best sailing waters in the whole Mediterranean region, boasting Sardinia Island and its emerald coast, Costa Smeralda. The sophisticated Italian island is an ultimate playground for quiet sailing, thanks to the world-class moors that shelter yachts from an otherwise very windy city.

Costa Smeralda draws yacht folk from all over the world because of its unspoiled coastline of rocks and sand, pristine beaches beckoning royalty and famous names, and luxury marinas to dock or watch the boats come and go. Explore the rock formations of Capo Testa, slip into the quaint towns of Carloforte, or sail through the minute islands of Maddalena—an array of experiences await your curiosity in Sardinia Italy. 

5 Destinations For Your Next Cruise to Costa Smeralda


Bermuda’s Great Sound

An ocean inlet on the island of Bermuda draws weekend boaters and sailing enthusiasts from all over the world. The island is known for the clear blue waters fringed by coral reefs, pink-sand beaches, and unique Bermuda architecture of low-rise square buildings, stepped white roofs, and pastel-painted walls. The Gulf Stream allows the island to enjoy a temperate climate year-round, luring in leisure travelers and sailors alike.

Its warm turquoise waters and protected coves are swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving hotspots whether for marine life exploration or historic shipwrecks that pepper around the island’s perimeter. Yacht chartering in Bermuda is indeed the best way to experience the luxury and tranquility that the island has to offer. See this guide to explore Bermuda’s ocean and terrain delights.


Martha’s Vineyard

Considered the world’s most-celebrated nautical community, Martha’s Vineyard attracts world-class yacht racers for the Vineyard Cup Regatta that it celebrates each July. It’s an island south of Cape Cod and is an affluent colony in the summer. The Vineyard’s coastline varies from windswept beaches to seaside cliffs, and even marshland ponds by the Vineyard Sound. A true sailing and island life hub, sailboats, and superyachts lobby to find a berth in its harbors.

The downtown district of the island is also an amazing shopping and dining center. The rocky shores and dangerous tides of the Vineyard make lighthouses an ultimate necessity on the island, so a visit to its five iconic lighthouses makes not only for a nice photograph but of a rich understanding of the island’s maritime history. Its fresh seafood, magnificent sunsets, and beautiful gardens are simply among the attractions that continue to allure tourists and sailors to the island.

Read more about the opulent folk’s summer colony here. 


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Gulf Tiger is swiftly becoming a top yachting destination, thanks to the abundance of luxury that the city emanates. Its premier neighborhood, Dubai Marina, is the most sought-after local for its numerous entertainment options, shopping malls, luxurious lifestyles, and towering skyscrapers. Dubai Marina stretches for two miles where superyachts dock and glitter under the hot desert sun. The Burj Khalifa, the highest structure in the world, is found no place else but in the city of Dubai.

What’s Dubai got in store for me?

Its red-sand deserts, palm-shaped artificial islands, and opulent beach resorts make Dubai simply unique. Recreation is also taken seriously in the city, with gold, Formula One, camel-riding, horse racing, and indoor skiing just among the options to choose from. Shopping is an art form, from the traditional souks to the duty-free supersized malls. Over 1,000 new berths can be found in the Marina, making it a hotspot for the affluent’s superyachts.


Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The largest island off the west coast of North America is Vancouver—a boater’s ultimate dream come true. Deep blue waters frame the lush evergreen forests that backdrop the sailing voyage around the island. The boating capital of British Columbia, Greater Victoria has become a popular tourist destination due to its rich British ancestry, astonishing architecture, lovely harbors, and vibrant gardens.

The picturesque region lures sailors to its sheltered bays and craggy inlets to provide a safe anchor. Marine wildlife thrives along the coast and at sea: bald eagles flying overhead, sea otters floating on their backs, harbor seals plopping themselves around, and killer whales jumping waters from afar.

Many anchorages can be explored around the island such as the bustling Gulf Islands, the wilderness of Discovery Passage, and the breathtaking sceneries of Johnstone Strait, among many other gems around Vacouver Island


The Bahamas

The chain of islands that is the Bahamas is a yachting paradise, although reaching it never comes easy. Rich in culture and history, it’s been known as a haven to sailors ever since the 18th century. Across the crystalline waters are 700 islands, 16 of which are major towns of shops and restaurants. Its capital city of Nassau boasts art galleries and fine restaurants both big and small.

A good-weather day cruising the waters allows for views of fishes, sharks, and rays where the corals sway with the current. However, dramatic troughs tend to lead boats and yachts from the safe shallows to the deeper seas. Below the water is indeed a paradise for sport fishers and scuba divers, and beachgoers will love the palm-lined beaches of the Bahamas. Not to mention the world-class golf courses and Colonial-style villas, the Bahamas is a luxury hub where not only seafarers but the affluent crowd flock to as well.

Read further: Pink beaches and swimming pigs, here are Three Top Destinations in the Bahamas.


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