Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

If you’ve been meaning to know what it feels like to sleep like a millionaire, or if you’re looking to splurge a little more money for a special occasion, then the world’s most expensive hotels might be exactly what you need. These over-the-top deluxe hotels will surely blow your mind (and budget!) but there’s nothing that compares to playing king-and-queen and basking in full luxury. Read on to see the list of the top ten most expensive hotels below.

10. The Royal Suite of Burj Al-Arab

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Royal suite Burj Al Arab Dubai

You’d immediately think of Dubai at the mere mention of luxury, yet even Dubai’s first-ever 7-star hotel only made it to the top 10 of the list. First greeting the opulent crowd in 1999, the Burj-Al-Arab stands on its own artificial island with a private manmade beach. The sail-shaped building is only accessible through a private bridge, virtually inaccessible to anyone not willing to shell out some serious money.

Inside The Royal Suite, you won’t be prepared for the wonders you’re about to witness. It’s easy to forget you’re standing in a hotel residence as the interior definitely looks like that of a mansion, with copious striking gold elements that are impossible to take in all at once. Some distinct golden features of the Royal Suite are as follows: a 24-carat gold-plated intricate staircase, 24-carat ceiling, gold-plated television, and a master’s bedroom that is accented with hand-stitched gold. It’s grandeur all the way. And with a fleet of Rolls Royce for esteemed guests, the experience to be had will indeed exceed even the highest of expectations all for $28,000 a night.

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9. The Royal Suite of The Plaza

New York, United States of America

In the heart of the cultural, financial, and entertainment capital of the world, there stands the historic New York icon, the Plaza Hotel, at the South of Central Park. Debuting in 1907, it’s been more than a hundred years of lavish social affairs that the Plaza has gone down in New York history having served and housed kings, presidents, and stars of all ages.

For $40,000 a night, the building has its private lift that only esteemed guests of the Royal Suite can access, ensuring seclusion and a lowkey profile. The sizable suite is a 400-square feet wide with three bedrooms and 3 baths, an immense living room, and a distinct dining room that seats up to a dozen guests—enough to play royal court for a weekend. The devil’s indeed in the details with splendid fabrics, 24-carat detailing, and spacious windows up to the high ceilings, with elegant crown trimmings. And if it’s the view you’re after, you’ll never be disappointed since the bedroom also boasts a breathtaking view of Fifth Avenue.

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8. The Hilltop Villa

Laucala Island, Fiji

Living on top, both literally and in the social hierarchy, guests of the Hilltop Estate enjoy an ultra-inclusive private island. Ever since it opened its coasts and villas in 2009 to jet setters and tourists from all over the globe, it’s been a dream destination for many. It’s a paradise tucked within the island and only accessible to the mega-affluent at an impressive $45,000 per night. True to its name, the Hilltop Villa sits atop a lush, green hill where you could take in the picturesque verdant jungles and turquoise blue waters.

With such an incredible price comes an equally incredible four-acre estate: there are three separate villas, The Delana, The Rua, and the Dua.

The Delana, the main residence, comes with a master bedroom fit for royalty, complete with a walk-in wardrobe, a living room, and library, and your own large, exclusive pool with a waterfall and hot tub. There are two large guest residences in the estate as well, the Rua and the Dua. The second largest villa of the three, the Rua, also has a large private pool with a separate living area. Finally, the Dua has similar features as the Delana but can house a pair comfortably. The entire estate can be the home of up to eight people, perfect for a group getaway.


7. The Muraka of the Conrad

Rangali Island, Maldives

The word Muraka is the Dhivehi term for coral. Aptly termed as such, it is indeed a first-of-its-kind, innovative luxury two-level residence. Its master bedroom is uniquely submerged 16 feet under sea level in the warm, vast theater that is the Indian Ocean. It’s connected to the mainland via a walkway and is definitely something straight out of your Pinterest boards, the epitome of ocean getaway luxury.

As mentioned, there are two levels to the sumptuous residence: the upper and lower level.

The dining and living areas are found on the upper deck, with two guest bedrooms, and an outdoor deck with an infinite pool. Its single bathroom includes a bathtub with a stunning view of the ocean. The service also peaks grandeur, with access to the service of a 24-hour butler.

Beneath the ocean is where the party starts. After making your way down the lower level, the magnificent view of your exclusive underwater aquarium greets you. It’s an architectural splendor: a 180-degree curved dome that allows a full view of the majestic blue waters of the Indian Ocean complete with marine life, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a walk-in closet.

With seamless above and below-ocean experience, the Muraka is surely an experience you’ll never forget for only $50,000 a night. However, there’s a minimum stay requirement of four nights, so you’re actually looking at a whopping $200,000 experience.

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6. The Penthouse Suite of Hotel Martinez

Cannes, France

Hotel Martinez Penthouse

All over the world, the French are known for their “à la française” luxury, having remained an icon in fashion, cosmetics, and fragrance. There are many things that make France unique, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, and the French Riviera.

The last is infamous for its beautiful coastline, postcard-worthy waters, and picturesque view of the Mediterranean Sea. Considered the playground of the world’s wealthiest, its endearing towns and villages, plus an admirable art and culture scene, make the place all the more romantic.

Cannes is best known for the film festival named after it. But beyond its festival namesake is the ultimate breathtaking destination that exudes luxury and sophistication. Within the heart of Cannes stands Hotel Martinez—offering a perfect panoramic view of the French Riviera with art deco influences within its walls.

Its penthouse suite is grand and lavish in its simplicity. Once you enter the double doors, you are greeted by a round living area and a wash of art deco vibe with its calming palette of cream, blue, gray, and gold. If you’re an art enthusiast, be prepared to be smitten by artifacts from Picasso and Matisse decorating the suite’s walls. There are two versions of the Penthouse Suite: Producer and Actress.

The Producer Suite extends two bedrooms with a bath, with a walk-in closet reminiscent of Hollywood, upping the sophistication and elegance. With the Actress Suite, on the other hand, the guest can choose either one or two bedrooms. There’s also an oversized bathtub that will lull you into a dip after a whole day under the sun. All these can be yours for the night at $53,000.

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5. Ty Warner Penthouse of the Four Seasons Hotel

New York, United States of America

Now down to our last five hotels, the fifth on the list is the luxury hotel suite, Ty Warner Penthouse. Sitting on the 52nd floor topmost of the highest all-hotel building in New York and at the most distinguished address at that, it’s an architectural and artistic masterpiece in one—an experience to behold. The one-of-a-kind penthouse atop the Four Seasons Hotel offers a 360-panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline, allowing you to witness New York in all its forms: uptown, midtown, and downtown sceneries.

Less suite and more of a castle in the clouds, the Ty Warner Penthouse allows multiple rooms of customized and commissioned luxury from many big names in the art and architectural industry. The walls are hand-lacquered and in-laid with mother of pearl by the infamous American artist, Nancy Lorenz. Claude and Francois Xavier Lalanne, respectable French sculptors, also collaborated on the project with floor-to-ceiling bookcases with intricate vine leaf details. And if it’s not enough luxury, the canopy of the master’s bedroom is made of lustrous Thai silk embedded with 22-carat pure gold strings and threads. It can be considered a multi-layered, multi-faceted work of art in the form of a room—all yours for only $60,000 per night.


4. The Mark Penthouse of the Mark Hotel

New York, United States

Another ravishing New York star rises and it’s no surprise that the largest and grandest hotel suite penthouse in the U.S. made it to the list. Overlooking Central Park, its rooftop terrace is 2,500 square feet, plus an additional 10,000 more for the suite itself. Being the biggest in New York and beyond, it’s a lavish majestic residence that paints the pinnacle of American modern luxury. For a great $75,000 a night, you can call the spacious, over-the-top two-floor penthouse your home.

Custom-designed by celebrated French interior designer Jacques Grange, the penthouse includes 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, 4 fireplaces, 2 powder rooms, and 2 wet bars. Even the living room has a party trick up its sleeve: it can be converted to a full-size ballroom with a ceiling as high as 26-foot! Indeed, every piece of furniture and detail in the Mark Penthouse cannot be found anywhere else; it is utterly unique to the Mark Hotel alone. Additional luxuries include its own conservatory, a generous library lounge, and an exclusive rooftop terrace where you can dine out and witness the panoramic view of the City that Never Sleeps.

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3. The Royal Penthouse of Hotel President Wilson

Geneva, Switzerland

President Wilson hotel penthouse

Imagine Switzerland, and your mind will bring you to the ragged snowy ranges of the Alp mountains. But there’s so much more to Switzerland than this rocky terrain. The global city of Geneva, in particular, boasts breathtaking sceneries, deluxe high-quality wines, rich chocolate, and savory mild cheese. To add to the indulgence, if you’re in Geneva and somehow find yourself with $80,000 to splurge, why not repose in the Royal Penthouse of Hotel President Wilson?

The hotel reopened in 1996 and was renamed after Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States, in honor of his contribution to the creation of the League of Nations. It’s a 5-star luxury collection hotel minutes away from the most breathtaking parks and high-end shops along the famed streets of Rue du Rhône, truly a luxury shopper’s paradise. The hotel faces the touristy Lake Geneva and its backdrop is set against the majestic Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe. Either the lake or the city can be viewed through the hotel’s sight-indulgent floor-to-ceiling windows, simply a luxury to behold.

If you want to succumb to the ultimate luxury that the hotel can provide, then look no further than its Royal Penthouse Suite. Located on the eighth floor and taking up the space in its entirety at 1,680 square meters, it is famed for being the largest one in Europe and certainly among the most luxurious in the world.


2. Empathy Suite of The Palms Hotel

Las Vegas, United States

With more than 41 million visitors from all over the world, the city of Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the United States’ most famed urban destinations. It ranks as US’s 25th most populous city and is part of the wider Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area. The city is situated within the greater Mojave Desert and is the largest city in the area. The Las Vegas valley as a whole plays a crucial commercial, financial, and cultural role for the State of Nevada. The city is a self-proclaimed Entertainment Capital of the World, being internationally renowned as a huge casino and resort city notable for all the gambling, shopping, and nightlife activities it can offer.

One of the most luxurious casino hotels in Las Vegas is The Palms. It first opened its doors to local residents and tourists in the year 2001 and includes a casino, numerous restaurants, an extravagant nightlife, and a 42-floor hotel. Soon enough it became well-loved among young adults and celebrities of all ages for the various entertainment it offers. It’s located at the very heart of Las Vegas, just 2 kilometers from the famed Las Vegas strip. The hotel casino is internationally-recognized for its unparalleled suites and guest rooms, extravagant pools, prominent restaurants, and vivacious nightlife. The hotel also offers unrivaled views of the Spring Mountains and of course, the Las Vegas Strip.

A 3-day trip to Vegas feels short, but it’s about enough to tour around the city and get a taste of its various activities. Why not spend a thrilling escapade to Sin City by staying at the world’s second most-expensive hotel suite? The Empathy Suite breaks the $100,000 price tag among the most expensive hotels in the world. With such a price, you get two premium master bedrooms, a cantilevered jacuzzi, massage tables plus a salt relaxation room, and a private tour around the properties and art collection of Damien Hirst.

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1. Lover’s Deep, the Luxury Submarine Hotel

Sta. Lucia, Caribbean

Deep into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean is the most luxurious hotel on earth. At a staggering $150,000 a night, you can make your ocean kingdom dreams come to life. Mile High Club is overrated, welcome to the Mile Low Club, a subaquatic experience offered by the British travel company, Oliver’s Travels, debuting on February 14, 2014.

Moored in the island country of Saint Lucia, East of the Caribbean, the lavish submarine hotel can be navigated to tour the surrounding Caribbean waters. It’s a 5-star accommodation complete with indulgent staff: a skilled captain, a private chef, and a butler who attends to your every whim, and speed boat transfers that ease your entrance and exit to the submarine from whichever port you decide to dock. And if you’re aiming to sit deep into the lap of luxury, then luxurious add-ons such as helicopter transfers, private beach landings, and champagne-rich breakfasts are just within arm’s reach. Everything you’ll ever need for the entire experience can be found in the pockets of the Lover’s Deep.

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A romantic getaway awaits adventurous lovers in the luxurious hotel, as they offer honeymoon couples an experience guaranteed to be out of this world. If you’re quite bored with the thrills of the land and sky, then take your love into a whole new level of romantic escapade in coral-filled waters and plunge your love deeper into the sea. Sound-proof rooms make up the submarine for an experience you ultimately shout about. Lovemaking at the bottom of the ocean is something you’d never want to miss in this lifetime with your beau.


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